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Living Our Best Life This Summer at Rock Springs Thanks to Racetrac’s New Wintastic Rewards App

**This post about Rock Springs in Kelly Park was brought to you by RaceTrac in promotion of their Wintastic Summer Rewards Program. I received compensation to write this post but all opinions expressed are my own.**

This past Monday I celebrated my 32nd birthday at one of my new favorite places in Florida – Rock Springs at Kelly Park! This tropical, natural oasis is located in Apopka, just one hour away from where we live in New Smyrna Beach, which makes it a super quick and easy day trip. But since i’m a hopeless procrastinator that waits until the last minute to look at trip advisor reviews, I didn’t know that the park fills up to capacity about an hour after it opens… Whoops.

And since we decided to go to this park pretty spontaneously, we were nowhere near prepared for the next morning. But luckily, we had some tricks up our sleeves to help things go a little faster so we could get there before they stopped letting people in.  Continue reading

A Cheese Lover’s Foodie Guide to London – Where to Eat and What to Do!

Jeremy Johnston MacKenzie Smith in London Foodie Guide

Traveling to London and want to know the best places to eat and the hippest street food markets to hit up? Check out our Foodie Guide to London below!

Alright, alright, alright!! Yo girl is almost done with the book (about 1/2 month of edits left!) so you know what that means?! The blog is about to be back in action! And since I’ve been neglecting it for so dang long, I figured my first post back would be alllll about our last trip to London!

Sure, you’ve probably heard that Brittish food is pretty bland, but I have to be totally real and say that shit totally bologne! This trip was packed full of insanely delicious meals, incredible street food vendors, and so much cultural diversity that it made NYC look vanilla AF. We ate so much good stuff, walked like 50,000 steps a day, and did our best at seeing all the sights. Before I blab on any longer, let’s talk about our recommendations! Continue reading

Family Foodie Trip to Italy – Part Two: Positano, Sorrento + The Path of Gods Mountain Hike

Positano, Italy Guide

So first of all, major apologies for taking so long to post Part Two of our Family’s Italy Adventure! It’s been kind of bananas around here. Not only are we in our busiest season at the hotel, but I’ve also been in London doing some Florida Foodie cooking demos, working my booty off on my cookbook, and have been *trying* to plan our wedding! So many things!! Ah!

But alas, I’m back and ready to share our Amalfi Coast excursions. Since we were there way longer than we were in Rome, this post is going to flow a little differently. We’ll begin in Positano, which was our home base. Continue reading