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Looking for Florida’s Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches? Look No More!

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Last week, the bf and I headed out on a 3 day road trip all around the sunshine state to hunt down the best grilled cheese sandwiches in Florida. After spending too many a few hours online, I became overwhelmed by all the grilled cheese goodness that our beautiful state had to offer. So I did what any blogger girl with 34,000 followers would do and went straight to social media for a little help. After receiving dozens of awesome and unexpected recommendations, Jerm and I compiled our master list, packed our bathing suits (and stretchy shorts), filled up the ole’ Subaru, and headed South to get our cheese on.

Oh oh, and before we begin on this delicious adventure – Please keep in mind that this list is not ordered from best to worst or anything like that. In fact, it’s listed in the order in which we completed our food tour in hopes that you can one day repeat the #FLgrilledcheeseTour if you dare! TBH, I tried to rank them but that sort of hurt my heart. It felt like I was a mom and I had to choose one child over the other or something like that and I just couldn’t. But alas, if you must know which ones reigned supreme, keep reading and I’ll fill you in on our favorites. Continue reading

FOODCATION: California Dream Eater Edition

Last month, my super hawt bf, Jeremy Johnston, and I hopped off the FL heat train and headed to Cali as part of the California Dream Eater trip. We started our adventure in Downtown LA at the Line Hotel, then headed to Pasadena to the dusitD2 Constance, followed by a trip over to Redondo Beach’s Portofino Hotel and Marina, and finally ended our trip at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. If you weren’t already following along on instagram, then check out the photos below to see some of the best dishes, places, and waves we could find!

——————————————LA PROPER——————————————


8265 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles CA 90048

California Dream Eater Terrine

California Dream Eater Terrine

Croquet Madame – smoked ham, gruyere, béchamel, and sunny side egg on brioche. [Terrine]

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