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Want one? They’re 3″x3″ only $5! OMFG what a deal!
Hi friends! A lot of you have asked me what tools I rely on to create my grilled cheese goodness – so I just created this page to share my favorite equipment with you! I’m totally obsessed with each of these products and I honestly couldn’t do what I do without them! That said, you should probably buy them because honestly, your life will get like 75% better. For real. I think it’s been proven or something like that.
Sure, some of these necessities are kind of expensive but they’re all super high quality gear and they’ll probably last you for like 10 years! Not to mention they’ll improve your overall self-worth.  Oh and hey, let’s be real… think about it this way if you must – how much did you spend on bar tabs last month? Hah just sayin! 😉
I’m being 100% serious when I say that this is the most ultimate grilled cheese machine that has ever existed. Sure, some may call it a “panini press” but seriously, who doesn’t want this to be their go-to grilled cheese machine?
Oh! And it’s got an adjustable temperature component that makes cooking up your favorite sandwiches – from easily meltable brie to WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO LONG aged gouda – totally easy. And it makes really nice grill marks so you look like a pro every single freakin’ time.

My Mom got me these knives for Christmas like 2 3 years ago and they’re still my all-time favorite thing in my kitchen. Not only do they make my knife rack SUPER COOL but they also work really well and they make me feel better about myself. You may feel surprised but yes, colorful knives can totally do that.

If you didn’t know that I was from Florida… well… the cat’s out of the bag. But you totally don’t have to get this questionable shaped state cutting board because my besties over at Aheirloom make them ALL! I would have put a Brooklyn shaped one up there but a rat almost ruined my life tonight so yeah, Florida it is!

The Spatula, aka “turner” (when did this become its name?),  revolution has begun. And once you try this super thin, almost indestructible and bendable one – your world will change. Seriously. It gets under sandwiches like no other and flips like a pro. You can thank me later.

If you don’t want this, we can’t be friends. Sorry, not sorry. But if you’re already like “OMG i need this RIGHT NOW!” then let me tell you more! It comes in some super fun colors and it’s cast iron so it makes your creations have that classic crust that you know so much from childhood. Did I mention that it’s the cutest thing ever?

You’ve probably heard me bitch about grating cheese. It’s true. I can’t stand doing it… So you can either get a super delux cheese grater which will make life a little easier or you can huff and haw at the shittiness of the one you already own. I don’t have this exact one but I have one just like it and am totally in love. This one even has an awesome little cheese catcher which is dope because it prevents you from losing any of your cheesey wealth!


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