The Spookiest Halloween Grilled Cheese Made With Green Slime (Pesto Gouda) and Fresh Flesh (aka Ham)

Halloween Grilled Cheese With Green Slime (Pesto Gouda) and Fresh Flesh (aka Ham)

If you loved Stranger Things as much as I did, then get excited!! Season two is about to come out so to celebrate, I came up with 11 Stranger Things Inspired Waffle Sandwich Recipes. Of course, I had to make one of them a spooky grilled cheese inspired by The Upside Down! I mean, just imagine how popular you would be if you dressed up as 11 and brought a big platter of these green slime and fresh flesh grilled cheese sandwiches with you to any and all of your halloween parties. It’s a good idea, right?! Continue reading

Broccoli Cheese Adjaruli Khachapuri: a Georgian Cheese Boat Filled with Creamy Cheesy Eggy Goodness

Broccoli Cheese Khachapuri

Maybe it’s because I’ve spelled Khachapuri incorrectly like 1000 times and google is totally stalking me because of it… but these Georgian eggy cheese boats are taking over all of my social media feeds! And since I couldn’t deal with the lack of deliciousness in my life, I decided to put my FOMO to rest and made one for myself my friends.

So what makes this magical dish so spesh? Imagine a flatbread mixed with a pizza mixed with a creamy soup-filled bread bowl. Khachapuri is basically the epitome of cheesy carby goodness with an egg on top. To eat it, you rip off the sides and use the crust to stir and scoop up the molten cheese that resides in the middle. It’s actually heaven in self-serving nacho form. Continue reading

UPGRADED Croque Monsieur with Fig Port Jam and 3 Cheeses

croque monsieur with fig port jam

There’s a reason the croque-monsiuer is known as one of the most recognized sandwiches of modern times. It’s crispy and creamy, sweet and savory and of course, utterly irresistible. Whether you enjoy it during a long, endless-mimosa filled brunch or as a quick snack on the run, the croque-monsiuer is absolutely delightful in any situation. Continue reading