Living Our Best Life This Summer at Rock Springs Thanks to Racetrac’s New Wintastic Rewards App

**This post about Rock Springs in Kelly Park was brought to you by RaceTrac in promotion of their Wintastic Summer Rewards Program. I received compensation to write this post but all opinions expressed are my own.**

This past Monday I celebrated my 32nd birthday at one of my new favorite places in Florida – Rock Springs at Kelly Park! This tropical, natural oasis is located in Apopka, just one hour away from where we live in New Smyrna Beach, which makes it a super quick and easy day trip. But since i’m a hopeless procrastinator that waits until the last minute to look at trip advisor reviews, I didn’t know that the park fills up to capacity about an hour after it opens… Whoops.

And since we decided to go to this park pretty spontaneously, we were nowhere near prepared for the next morning. But luckily, we had some tricks up our sleeves to help things go a little faster so we could get there before they stopped letting people in.  Continue reading

Vietnamese Grilled Chicken + Rice Bowls with Pickled Veg + Nuoc Cham

The recipe for these Vietnamese Grilled Chicken + Rice Bowls with Pickled Veg + Nuoc Cham (sweet, sour, and sometimes spicy citrusy fish sauce) is out of this world delicious! In Vietnamese, it’s pronounced Com Ga Nuong. It’s perfect for summer barbecues or hot days when you’re craving something refreshing and satisfying. 

Vietnamese Grilled Chicken + Rice Bowls with Pickled Veg + Nuoc Cham

I’ve never been to Vietnam but I have been to about a million Vietnamese restaurants. And every time, without fail, I tell myself that I’m going to order something different. And every time, without fail, I see Com Ga Nuong and get instant anxiety about missing out my favorite chicken and rice bowl. Continue reading

Chicken Tinga – 3 Delicious Ways to Use This Perfectly Spicy Shredded Mexican Chicken Recipe

Chicken Tinga is an authentic spicy, zesty Mexican shredded chicken recipe that is super easy to make! We make this about once a week in our house and use it to top tacos, tostados, salads and even quesadillas! Get this quick and easy recipe at the bottom of this post!
the easiest spicy chicken tinga recipe ever! Perfect for tacos, quesadillas, salad bowls and tostadas!

It’s no joke that Jerm and I live off Mexican food. Most of our date nights involve kissing over queso and getting mushy over margaritas. A few weeks ago, after one of our ~*very romatic*~ day dates to Epcot, we headed to Disney Springs to people watch and get down on some dinner.

As with most summer day in Florida, the storm clouds started rolling in and the weather started to get pretty gnarly. Since we’re pros at dealing with this predicament, we knew we had to make a split decision on where we were going to eat. Continue reading