Best Ever DIY Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme!

DIY crunch wrap supreme

DIY crunch wrap supreme

You might’ve noticed that I’ve been on a little bit of a blog hiatus, but don’t worry… Yo’ bish is back! You see, I took a little vacay because a lot of awesome shit happened and I wanted to just live life off the computer for a lil bit. I turned 31, my boyfriend turned 31, and most importantly, WE GOT A BRAND NEW NOODLY LITTLE BBY DACHSHUND PUPPY! All of this celebrating and puppy-obsessing had me a little off course but whatever, that’s the beauty of a blog, right? You get to run it on YOUR OWN TERMS!

So what has been going on in my life? Well….. The boyfriend and I just happened to be born 5 days apart. And no, I’m not slightly cougar-ing, he is definitely 5 days older than me. To celebrate, I threw him a big tiki party and made a bunch of tasty asian-ish food. There were little banh mi sliders stabbed with bby umbrellas, larb gai lettuce wraps, pho deviled eggs, curry chicken and sweet potato empanadas, and some other random stuff that I forgot about already. I also got him a pi├▒ata and stuffed it full of candy and bby bottles of booze because that’s what you do when you’re old, right? Continue reading

The Southern Belle – Ham + Cheese Cornbread Sandwich with Pickled Jalapenos and Chow Chow Mayo

Ham, Cheese, and Pickled Jalapeno Cornbread Sandwich with Chow Chow Mayo

This week, my whole world got about 300% better when I got a new little puppy! He’s about the size of a corn cob and is sweet as can be so we decided to name him Elote, which is spanish for corn! And since he’s a little dachshund, it’s even more fitting because of his cutie pie corn pup-ness and buttery little body. I’m so obsessed with this little guy. Jerm and I even started an instagram for him because we are those kind of freak puppy parents.

If you’ve ever had a dachshund before, you probably get why all of us dachshund people are so obsessed. Their little sausage bodies, along with their spunky attitude, and their undying need to be constantly snuggled basically makes them the most perfect dog in all the land. Sure, they’re stubborn AF and hard as hell to potty train but man, they’re so flippin’ cute! Especially when they’re little roly poly baby dachshunds and have way, way, wayyyyyy too much skin. They also do this funny thing where they play super hard for like 10 minutes and then sleep for four. They’re basically the perfect animal and I wish I had 50 of them. Continue reading

Foodie Road Trip – Savannah, Georgia

A few weeks ago, Jerm and I partnered up with Southeast Toyota and headed north for a foodie road trip to Savannah, Georgia. Our main mission was to get a taste of the Southern food scene but of course, we made it a point to cruise outside the historic neighborhoods to check out the other hidden gems that lied beyond city lines.

As we drove through the antebellum era streets, we couldn’t help but be amazed by the beauty of the canopied roads that were packed full of lush oak trees and ghostly hanging Spanish moss. Once we checked in to our bnb, The Azalea Inn (a Select Registry property just like Black Dolphin), we began to understand the true meaning of southern hospitality as we got to know the ┬ácharming personalities of the friendly southerners that reside in Georgia’s oldest city. Continue reading