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The Buffalo Rancher – Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese with Sharp Cheddar, Blue Cheese and Buttermilk Ranch

buffalo chicken grilled cheese social 7

When you look at this buffalo chicken grilled cheese sandwich, what does it say to you? Does it speak to your soul or does it just make you real hungry? Hopefully it is all of the above because I’ve got some exciting new news!

So you might have seen me posting all of my sandwich recipes on for the last couple years. You see, I was their sandwich expert which meant that each month, I’d come up with a bunch of different sandwich recipes for their site, test them, photograph them and then upload ’em. Beyond coming up with recipes, I also did pop-ups all across the country for their ad agencies partners while also taking over their instagram and creating sandwich tours for each city we visited. Continue reading

bolognese grilled cheese

The Sloppy Bol – Bolognese Grilled Cheese with Provolone, Mozzarella + Basil on Parmesan Crusted Bread

bolognese grilled cheese

This time last year, Jerm and I were packing our bags for our first Europe trip together. Some of our NYC homies, Tina and Jared, were getting married in Greece so we joined them and 235 of their closest friends to celebrate their oh-so-awe-inspiring love. After a week of binge eating and drinking at the best wedding activities that have ever existed, we decided to take a little romantic detour on our the way home. We bought a sketchy super cheap ticket and headed to one of my all time fav cities, Rome, to do some more eatin’ and drinkin’!

Jerm, who’s full blown Italian and I, who am definitely not, felt in our natural habitat eating our way through this historic city. Normally I try to moderately limit my carb intake but considering I was logging about 20,000 steps a day on my fitbit, I found it to be perfectly acceptable to eat all pasta, pizza, cheese, aperol spritz, and wine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Continue reading

Sour Power: Goats Milk Cheddar Grilled Cheese with Sour Cherry Jam, Crispy Fried Sage + Bacon on Sourdough Bread

goats milk cheddar grilled cheese with sour cherry jam, crispy fried sage, bacon + black pepper butter on sourdough

Baking and I do not get along. The idea of measuring a bunch of white stuff that all looks the same stresses me the eff out. I can never remember if I added a certain ingredient which then causes me to second guess myself and of course, ruin it. I’ve never been good at it and to tell you the truth, the idea of having to be all scientist-like gives me an automatic tension headache.

Last week when my friends from Brooklyn, Adina and Adam (my fav humans in the world/geniuses behind the skincare wonder-line S.W. Basics), brought me a sourdough starter, I internally panicked. I really wanted a sourdough starter, not because I knew what to do with it, but because it sounded awesome and I like to be optimistic about one day becoming a baking queen. Deep down, I knew that I would never use it, it would die, and I would have to apologetically tell them that I killed their 2 year old yeast baby. Continue reading