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Grilled Cheese in a Box? Yes Please!

I get super excited about getting mail. Like really, overly amped. LIKE SCREAM AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS excited. I don’t know why but mail is just so freakin’ fun to me. Why is this important? Because I just got super fun mail. And I want to talk about said super fun mail. When I saw my’s Grilled Cheese, Please delivery box at my doorstep, I was v stoked. This awesome box is fully loaded with all the essentials to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. From fresh, fun, and unique jams, to perfect pickles and melty cheeses – it contains everything you need to up your grilled cheese game!

If you haven’t heard of, let me fill ya in. They’re basically like the birchbox of indie foodie awesomeness. With over 50 different expertly curated gift tasters, an overly impressive variety of hand crafted items (more than 1200! say what!), and 15+ super awesome subscription boxes, they’re the go-to source for all of us that live in small towns with little or no access to the amazing world of specialty food gems.

I personally love that I can source all of the cool stuff that I used to be obsessed with back in my Brooklyn cheesemonger days at Depanneur. I also love the convenience of – like where else can I get a fancy bottle of Whiskey delivered right to my doorstep EVERY MONTH?. And not to mention, the whole treat-yo-self aspect which is especially awesome when you don’t feel like brushing your hair for five days.

So instead of keeping all of this goodness to myself, I decided to share the recipes that I created from their GC box. And FYI, i was not paid for this post – I just love all of their products and wanted to share some of the different carb-throbs you can create with it! If you know a grilled cheese fanatic, then you should definitely get them this box – not only will they love it but I’m 100% positive that they’ll love you even more. tehe.

Red Pepper Jam Grilled Cheese Social

The first sandwich I made is loaded with chunks of crispy fried chicken tenders, tangy cream cheese, creamy asiago, pop-worthy cilantro and Bonnie Jam’s Red Pepper Jelly between two crispy buttery slices of country white bread! Continue reading

Looking for Florida’s Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches? Look No More!

mackenzie smith jeremy johnston

Last week, the bf and I headed out on a 3 day road trip all around the sunshine state to hunt down the best grilled cheese sandwiches in Florida. After spending too many a few hours online, I became overwhelmed by all the grilled cheese goodness that our beautiful state had to offer. So I did what any blogger girl with 34,000 followers would do and went straight to social media for a little help. After receiving dozens of awesome and unexpected recommendations, Jerm and I compiled our master list, packed our bathing suits (and stretchy shorts), filled up the ole’ Subaru, and headed South to get our cheese on.

Oh oh, and before we begin on this delicious adventure – Please keep in mind that this list is not ordered from best to worst or anything like that. In fact, it’s listed in the order in which we completed our food tour in hopes that you can one day repeat the #FLgrilledcheeseTour if you dare! TBH, I tried to rank them but that sort of hurt my heart. It felt like I was a mom and I had to choose one child over the other or something like that and I just couldn’t. But alas, if you must know which ones reigned supreme, keep reading and I’ll fill you in on our favorites. Continue reading

How To Make A Rainbow Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You’ve probably seen the infamous rainbow grilled cheese going around the internet so I figured I’d debunk this mythical unicorn of a sandwich for ya and teach you the tricks on how to make it yourself!

how to make a rainbow grilled cheese social

So ok, let’s clarify some things before we begin. I’m all for the hippy crunchy approach to most things, and I’m sure that there’s probably a way to do this with some natural food colorings, but for the sake of awesomeness, we’re going to be using artificial food coloring for this one. We want this grilled cheese to be about a 100 on a Lisa Frank percentage scale. I mean, how awesome does this cheese stretch look?

Continue reading