A Shitty (yet delicious!) Bodega-Style Bacon, Egg + Cheese Sandwich

Bodega Style Bacon, Egg and CheeseIf you’ve lived in or have ever visited New York City, you’re probably well aware of the plethora of bodegas that stud our streets. And sure, they may provide us with slightly chilled bottles of water on a hot as heck summer day, “aged” chocolate bars that have bloomed (yes, I didn’t know this was a real thing until I moved up here), and of course – BODEGA CATS!

But our bodegas are more than that, they also help countless New Yorkers get breakfast on the run. These soggy yet delicious kaiser bun sandwiches, filled with thin bacon, melty kraft singles, and scrambled eggs, cost $3 (and come with a small coffee and sometimes ketchup or hots auce!) and are a staple among us city dwellers.

Wanna know the trick? Check out my About.com Sandwich Expert page [HERE].

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