Go Fig’ger – Sottocenere Truffled Grilled Cheese with baby Arugula and Fig Jam

Spring time is here and my taste buds are getting in the mood! I’ve been craving something fresh, creamy, and sweet. SO, it’s time for the Go Fig’ger grilled cheese!

This succulent baby is loaded with adriadic fig spread, sottocenere truffled cheese, baby arugula, and topped off with sour dough bread and pink himalayan salt.

So how’d we do it?

Gather ingredients!
-sour dough bread
-salted butter
-sottocenere truffled cheese (found at whole foods, unavailable? brie would be nice)
-organic adriadic fig spread, or some sort of fig jam
-baby arugula
-pink himalayan salt

Alrighty, next go ahead and cut the cheese into thin strips. Lather one piece of bread with the fig spread and half of the cheese onto one side of the bread.

Next line the fig side of the bread with cheese and top with a handful of arugula.

Now, mush them together! Be careful not to let the goodness fall out.

Time for the butter! I think it’s easiest to butter one side and put it buttered side down into the skillet on a low/medium heat and then butter the other side.

Now listen to that baby sizzle and watch as the ooey gooeyness oozes out and bubbles on the hot skillet. You can also press it with a heated weight or an aluminum wrapped brick.

Ooowwhhhh, has the buttery richness browned and crisped the soft bread? Time to flip it over and even it out!

Ok, evens stevens? Pull that little sammie off the skillet and let it rest for a minute or two. This prevents the cheese from oozing out once you cut it.

Slice me up and oh my gahhh voilĂ !




  1. looks delish!!! I want to make it and have a nice glass of wine and tomato soup!!! Big girl lunch!!Great photos and easy to follow directions

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