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Hey Pilgrims!

So you probably clicked on that little tab right up there to learn more about me so here we go. I was born and raised in Florida, went to college at FSU got my BA in Psychology and Aging studies. From there, I went to New York to attend grad school at Columbia University, and eventually earned my MA in Counseling Psychology. I realized that seeing patients wasn’t really my thing (one might say that I’m a little too impatient) so after a miserable first year of grad school I started Grilled Cheese Social as an attempt to share ridiculous stories and tasty recipes. Breaking away from that sterile, overly dry writing style was so much fun that I decided I should probably do that with my life.

Beyond being the gal behind Grilled Cheese Social, I’m also currently the Sandwich Expert for About.com, the in-house caterer at ACME STUDIO, and am a spokesperson for Wisconsin Cheese. I also throw Grilled Cheese Social Pop-ups all around the world which is pretty freakin fun. In the past I’ve worked as a cheesemonger and sandwich specialist at the renowned Depanneur Brooklyn and I’ve functioned as the social media guru and consultant for some awesome eco-lovin’ companies like S.W. Basics of BKSimple Squares, Brooklyn Slate and AHeirloom. Then there’s the whole freelance photographer, writer, and html rockstar thing, but then again, who isn’t these days? And of course, I have my one true love beyond sandwiches – which includes drawing horrifyingly cute cartoons under the pseudo-name Chonky Tooth.

You can find my past work on The Chalkboard, RueMagSaveur.com, CookingChannel.com, Babble, Reuters, Laughing SquidNewsweekCanada’s National Post, The Tampa Tribune, Salty Lake City Tribune, ModCloth.com, Apartment Therapy, Wisconsin Cheese Talk, and Tillamook’s Love Life Blog and probably a few other sites that I’ve forgot to mention.

Photo: A different Mackenzie Smith (not me!)
Beyond being cheesy, I love exploring my neighborhood and blowing my money on delicious food, indulging in weekly Sunday Fundays, and going to some rad shows of the musical and comedic variety. You can find me staring at food for hours at the market, tripping down the stairs all around town, downing drinks somewhere off the L train, and petting strangers’ dogs.
And if that wasn’t enough for ya, then you can always email me at GrilledCheeseSocial@gmail.com for any more questions! If you’d like to inquire about freelance work or want to have a popup or catering event, then you should totes holler at me! Anyways, thanks for taking your time to read all this ‘ish about me, you da bomb.
GCS aka MacKenzie Smith

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