The Spookiest Halloween Grilled Cheese Made With Green Slime (Pesto Gouda) and Fresh Flesh (aka Ham)

Halloween Grilled Cheese With Green Slime (Pesto Gouda) and Fresh Flesh (aka Ham)

If you loved Stranger Things as much as I did, then get excited!! Season two is about to come out so to celebrate, I came up with 11 Stranger Things Inspired Waffle Sandwich Recipes. Of course, I had to make one of them a spooky grilled cheese inspired by The Upside Down! I mean, just imagine how popular you would be if you dressed up as 11 and brought a big platter of these green slime and fresh flesh grilled cheese sandwiches with you to any and all of your halloween parties. It’s a good idea, right?!

So what is the green slime exactly? It’s… toxic sludge jk pesto gouda! I found this spooktastic wedge at Trader Joe’s but I’ve seen it all over the internetz so I’m pretty sure they’re mass marketing it during halloween season. Strangely enough, a few years ago one of my friends brought me a wedge from Amsterdam and I made a Green Haze grilled cheese – which is also perfect for creeping people out. The consistency was a little different but both of them created the perfect ooze effect that is spot on for halloween greatness!

spooky halloween grilled cheese

And as for the flesh, well that’s just some shaved rosemary ham. And if my descriptions sound totally unappetizing and you’re already puking at the idea of them — AWESOME! I honestly just want these to be the perfect halloween party food for kids and adults alike! And tbh, it sounds a hell of a lot easier than most of the spooky recipes I’ve been seeing on pinterest this month.

Oh oh oh and if you’d like to see the rest of my Stranger Things Inspired Waffle Sandwich Recipes, click [HERE] to see my piece on The Spruce!¬†Let’s get to it, shall we??

Halloween Grilled Cheese With Green Slime (Pesto Gouda) and Fresh Flesh (aka Ham)

RECIPE: Halloween Grilled Cheese With Green Slime and Fresh Flesh


  • 2 eggo waffles, defrosted
  • 3 oz pesto gouda
  • 1/4 lb rosemary ham
  • 2 pats salted butter


  1. Add half of the pesto gouda to one waffle and then add ham. Add the rest of the pesto gouda and put the other waffle on top. Butter the exterior of the sandwich.
  2. Place buttered sandwich in a cast iron pan and turn the heat to medium. Cook until the waffles are crispy and golden brown on the outside and the green cheese has melted – flipping intermediately. Remove from heat and serve.

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