How To Make A Rainbow Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You’ve probably seen the infamous rainbow grilled cheese going around the internet so I figured I’d debunk this mythical unicorn of a sandwich for ya and teach you the tricks on how to make it yourself!

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So ok, let’s clarify some things before we begin. I’m all for the hippy crunchy approach to most things, and I’m sure that there’s probably a way to do this with some natural food colorings, but for the sake of awesomeness, we’re going to be using artificial food coloring for this one. We want this grilled cheese to be about a 100 on a Lisa Frank percentage scale. I mean, how awesome does this cheese stretch look?

Ok, so you can either click [HERE] to get the exact recipe on my Sandwich Expert page orrrrrrr…. you could keep reading for the basics!

All you need to do is grab a few tiny bowls, some white shredded wisconsin cheese, food coloring (I used a neon variety), sliced bread and butter. Add a little bit of cheese to each bowl along with a squirt of food coloring. Mix with a fork until you have different colored shredded cheese.  Add rows of shredded colored cheese to one slice of bread and then add the other one on top. Butter sandwich and grill like a regular grilled cheese until crust is golden and the cheese has melted. Serve!

how to make a rainbow grilled cheese

After it’s all grilled up – slice it AGAINST the rainbow lines and voila! LISA FRANK RAINBOW GRILLED CHEESE PARTY FUN!

how to make a rainbow grilled cheese

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