The Basics To Making A Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

how to make a grilled cheese

Want to learn how to make a grilled cheese sandwich? This article goes over the basics and provides insight into different methods and cooking approaches. 

National Grilled Cheese Month is coming to an end… le sigh. But that doesn’t mean that the grilled goodness has to end!

After a full (and I mean full) month long of cheesy shenanigans, I realized that for 6 years now, I’ve been neglecting the one and only truest form of love and adoration. And by that I totes mean the classic grilled cheese sandwich… uhh doi!

The OG of cheesiness, the king of comfort, the holy savior of hangovers everywhere doesn’t deserve to be forgotten about, so I figured I should share some insight from my last few years worth of grilled cheese case studies. And to add some more validity to my study, I’ve teamed up with Wisconsin Cheese to share the basics that help make this classic reign supreme!

So before we begin, let’s just get some things straight and level the playing field. If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, I think we can all agree that that most of us first learned how to make a classic that involved two slices of white bread, two slices of processed american cheese, and enough butter to cover the bread crust to crust. But now-a-days, most kids are growing up on a more natural rendition of this comforting sandwich; making theirs with real Wisconsin cheddar, two slices of bakery bread, and organic butter. The latter of course, tastes way better, but there’s something special and nostalgic about the first version that I just can’t and won’t ever quit.

Cheesy freedom is yours! So whether you’re more retro with the ingredients or prefer to be on the progressive end of grilled cheeserie, both of these guides will work for and with you! So go get ’em kids, have some fun!

how to make a grilled cheese

My first ~*~published~*~ article on this topic on my sandwich expert page is all about how to cook a classic GC in literally any situation. I’ve cleverly named it “How to MacGyver a Grilled Cheese in Any Situation” because well duh. I cover everything from the classic bread in pan method and extend it all the way to the panini press, waffle maker, toaster, oven, iron AND campfire! Oh la la, pretty fancy, right?

Click [HERE] to read the article!

how to make a grilled cheese

And for the second and final part of this research study, we will examine the fatty methods and their underlying benefits of awesomeness. So whether you’re more of a purist and prefer the good ole salty butter approach, or are more into the sustainable repurposing of rendered bacon grease, or just wanna get a little weird and discover the surprisingly delicious benefits of mayonnaise, this article is for you!

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