The Swamp Thang: BBQ Brisket, Fried Okra + Coleslaw Sandwich


brisket and okra sandwichSo we (as in my homies in the Northeast) are apparently going to get effed by some “crippling” blizzard called Juno today. Not cool, mother nature, not cool. So while I’m writing this, looking out into the white abyss that was once known as Bushwick Avenue, I’m thinking to myself “Why the heck did I ever leave Florida?”

That’s when the lightbulb went off and I remembered that I never shared this insane creation that I made the last time I was there. It’s basically the result of me being too excited that fried okra is in my vicinity and also me not giving a flying turd that I was going to have to wear a bathing suit at some point in the next week. This bad boy sits in a toasted brioche bun and has brisket, fried okra, creamy coleslaw, and a hefty drizzle of sweet and spicy bbq sauce and buttermilk ranch. It’s so good it’s dumb.

Get the recipe from my Sandwich Expert page on right [HERE].

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