Beet Hummus + Turkey Sandwich

beet hummus and turkey sandwich

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you’d probably guess that starting the new year off with a healthy recipe isn’t really my game… But hey! Ya know what? After hanging with my family in Florida for the last month, I’ve decided that this is probably a good idea. You see, my family is obsessed with food. Literally the first question I got asked every morning two seconds after I cleared my breakfast plate was “What do you want for dinner?” Now don’t get me wrong – it’s totally great and I love it, but who in the world knows exactly what they want for dinner first thing in the morning?! Anyways, you get what I’m saying. And after having to think about food 50% more than I already do and realizing that looking good in a bikini is still a thing, I kind of need a little detox. So here’s this. A healthy sandwich that will fill you up and pack you full of feel-good vitamins and nutrients. It’s got beet hummus, cracked pepper turkey, yellow tomatoes, baby kale sprouts, and feta cheese on 2 toasted pieces of bread.

Get the recipe and read about all the health benefits on my Sandwich Expert page on [HERE].

beet hummus turkey sandwich

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