The (F)unemployment Special – Poundcake Grilled Cheese with Brie, Fig Jam, and Rosemary Butter

(F)unemployment: (Noun) The state of being unemployed in New York City.  
Yeah, it’s cool for about a minute until you start to drive yourself crazy.  For once I don’t have work or school and I have no idea what to do with myself.  I guess I shouldn’t complain, it’s been great in some ways. My room is constantly clean, I’ve caught up on new music, and a lot of reading has been done.  But I want to work (which is a weird thing to say, i know). I need to have something to do, something to work on, something to keep my stress level higher than it is now.  It’s only been a week and I’m starting to feel like a blob –  I’m not into this blasé lifestyle AT ALL.

I did, however, have two interviews at one of my favorite food magazines this week, so please, please, please keep your fingers crossed for me!  I honestly don’t know how much longer I can last.  In the mean time, I guess I’ll just keep eating this sweet and savory grilled cheese sandwich to keep me happy.  It’s got a delicious rosemary butter, brie, fig preserves, and POUND CAKE. omg, yes.

Here’s what’s keeping me (sort of) sane :


– 2 thin slices of pound cake
– a few slices of brie
– 1/2 tbs fig spread
– 1 small rosemary sprig – chopped
– 1 pat of butter

It’s so easy. Just place a few slices of brie onto one piece of pound cake.

Smear some fig preserves on the other piece of bread.

Melt a pat of butter in your skillet on medium and throw in the chopped rosemary.  Keep heating the butter and rosemary for a few minutes until the leaves start to soften up and the rosemary flavor starts to infuse into the butter.  You’ll also want the little bubbles (that you see below) to dissolve before you put your sammie in. I think it makes for a better consistency when it’s soaking into the bread.

When it’s all smooth and melted, put both pieces of pound cake in your skillet (still on medium) and let’em cook.

After about three or four minutes you should start to see a nice crust developing on the bottom of the pound cake.  To look – GENTLY use your spatula to peek underneath. If you think it’s good to go, gently flip one piece onto the other.  Don’t worry if your brie hasn’t started melting yet, when you do this step the heat from the other sandwich will instantly heat up your cheese and finish the melting process.

Then take it off the skillet and eat immediately. Real fast. Inhale it.

So to those of you out there that don’t have a job, I hope this will make your life a little bit less stressful and more enjoyable.  And for those of you who do, quit your job so I can have it. Just kidding, but seriously – someone hire me before I go crazy.

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  1. This looks delicious. Was pointed in the direction of your blog via Sweet Grass Diary. I'm tempted to try this one out with the Green Hill cheese. There's also this goat's milk brie that I've been digging on that I might try with this.

    And, I'd be down for some coupons.

    Address is

    D. Boudreaux
    2036A Pats Pl
    Tallahassee, FL 32308

  2. Seriously? No, seriously? My mouth is literally salivating right now. If your unemployment means I get more sammy ideas like these, I'm on board with you being idle. Seriously?! Holy mother.

  3. This is amazing looking!!!!!
    Also, good luck on your job search! I've been looking for work for a year…and I've gotten a couple of side gigs, a bazillion interviews, and am only finally getting real prospects…tho I do adult novelty home parties on the side, so that's helped 🙂

  4. I'm funemployed too! It's FANTASTIC! I'm lucky enough to know how long my funemployment will last (my new job will start June 6), but either way, try to relax and enjoy yourself and do all the things you can't do when working! And good luck with the job search! 🙂

  5. Wow… oh wowowowowow. I'm wishing I was funemployed and enjoying this right now.
    Good luck with the job search, but promise not to leave us hanging when you are rolling in work again.

  6. Wowie! Pound cake for bread?!? This is amazing and I love how your sandwiches are full of surprising ingredients I would never think to use. Good luck on the job search!

  7. I have only recently discovered your blog and was pretty super impressed with it and your dedication to the grilled cheese lifestyle. But today I have realised that I underestimated you. Cake, cheese and figs? You're a genius. An actual genius. Hooray for you.

  8. I saw the picture on foodbuzz top9 and thought let me check out this grilled cheese because I love grilled cheese. Then I got here and saw pound cake…brie…figs! I think it's amazing. I hope you get your favorite job out of the two you interviewed for… Best of luck to you! Thanks for sharing this ingenius idea. JUST LOVELY!!

  9. First, good luck with the job interviews.

    Second, I'm thinking that there might be more than a few other fruit preserves that would go well in this sandwich. You might try discovering what does go well as a means of maintaining your sanity.

  10. Oh. My. I had to re-read it a couple of times before it sank in that that was pound cake and not bread. Wow. Perhaps some homemade raspberry jam instead of the fig spread – some serious potential, there.

  11. Oh, my. It's 11:30 PM and I'm half tempted to stroll in the kitchen and make a brie grilled sandwich. Good luck on your job search! As someone who has been unemployed for an entire year (!!!!!!!!!!) and is finally starting a job soon, I've definitely felt the other side of 'funemployment';it's not REALLY a vacation after awhile… more like an endless stream of job applications and wondering if you'll ever get a call back. I feel your pain, but at least you have this sandwich to console you!

  12. This looks incredible. I've got some fig jam in my fridge and I'm going to have to try this out.

    Do you have any suggestions for what type of brie? I've made some other fig jam and brie sandwiches and they weren't quite as good as the first one I had in a restaurant.

  13. I have recently become OBSESSED with grilled cheese. I did this one today for a brunch and used french toast instead of pound cake. It was phenomenal!! Thanks so much! You have inspired my hidden foodie!

  14. Ohmygod! All one word! I made this today with honey wheat bread and it was AMAZING! How have I lived without this sandwich my whole life???? It was delicious! Thank you so much for posting this recipe!

  15. Oh yeah! The best “grown up” grilled cheese ever – I used whole wheat bread instead of pound cake and it was still delish!

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