OMFbakedpotato – Loaded Baked Potato Grilled Cheese

Luckily for me, I have a great cheese guy at Whole Foods in Union Square. He recommended this killer cheese because it tasted like the toppings of a baked potato. I, of course, went a little overboard and ended up with this a few hours later…

Before I begin, I have got to tell you about Cotswold cheese. This English cheese is made from whole milk and has chives and onions in it. IT smelled so good that I absolutely had to buy it! Look at how pretty the slices of chives are:

Ok, so, because this is called the OMFbakedpotato I had to be serious when I was choosing my ingredients. I decided to go with:

-Cotswold Cheese
-uncured bacon (the cheese is salty enough!)
-sour cream
-potato bread

To make this sammie true to it’s name I smeared some sour cream on both sides of the bread.

And then I laid the cheese down on each side to make a yummy cheesy glue so the bacon wouldn’t fall out.

Next I laid that crispy bacon down on the cotswold.

Once I pressed them together I spread some butter on the the outer pieces of bread (you can also just use sour cream for this part too, it works!) I put it on the skillet which was set on medium.

I let it sit on the stove untouched until it was bronzed, then I flipped that baby!

Once it was equally golden I took it off the stove and let it sit for about a minute (or I tried at least, it just smelled so damn good). Once I couldn’t wait any longer I sliced it and witnessed the miracle of cheese melting occur before my very eyes.





  1. I found your blog on the epicurious site… great photos! Gosh, that sammie looks devine!!

    Renee in NH

  2. I've moved away from Canada to Taiwan and your blog has become my food porn. Everything I miss eating back home is here! But now I've read all your backdated entries and am left wanting MORE!!!

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