The Basics To Making A Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

how to make a grilled cheese

Want to learn how to make a grilled cheese sandwich? This article goes over the basics and provides insight into different methods and cooking approaches. 

National Grilled Cheese Month is coming to an end… le sigh. But that doesn’t mean that the grilled goodness has to end!

After a full (and I mean full) month long of cheesy shenanigans, I realized that for 6 years now, I’ve been neglecting the one and only truest form of love and adoration. And by that I totes mean the classic grilled cheese sandwich… uhh doi! Continue reading

Auntie Anne’s, I Majorly Heart You.

Auntie Annes pizza pretzel 1When you move to NYC, malls quickly become a thing of the past. But as soon as you have finally had enough of the big city, and move back to the real world, the mall becomes what it once was – a sacred social temple from which you can eat, shop, and people watch. And as much as wasting my money on buzz fashion and staring at weirdos excites me, I’ve always had the strongest affinity for the mall food itself. Continue reading

FOODCATION: California Dream Eater Edition

Last month, my super hawt bf, Jeremy Johnston, and I hopped off the FL heat train and headed to Cali as part of the California Dream Eater trip. We started our adventure in Downtown LA at the Line Hotel, then headed to Pasadena to the dusitD2 Constance, followed by a trip over to Redondo Beach’s Portofino Hotel and Marina, and finally ended our trip at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. If you weren’t already following along on instagram, then check out the photos below to see some of the best dishes, places, and waves we could find!

——————————————LA PROPER——————————————


8265 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles CA 90048

California Dream Eater Terrine

California Dream Eater Terrine

Croquet Madame – smoked ham, gruyere, béchamel, and sunny side egg on brioche. [Terrine]

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