Food Network Facebook Live episode 10: Animal Style Cheeseburger Pizza

Animal Style Cheese Burger Pizza - just like In n Out but on a pizza!

Before I moved back home to Florida, I was dead-set on heading west to California. I had been totes over New York for quite a while but was afraid to move because I thought everywhere else would be boring. As for California, well, it just seemed ideal. The people were like-minded, super eco-conscious and progressive, one of my favorite ways to chill was actually recreationally legal, New York winters didn’t exist there, and most importantly — there were In-n-Out Burgers.

As an East Coast gal, In-n-Out was one of those things that I yearned for. Not being able to get it on the reg only made me want it more. I dreamt about their burgers dripping with animal sauce goodness, crispy fresh-cut fries smothered in cheese sauce and topped hot peppers, and a perfectly spun milkshake in my hand. But nah, for some reason, somebody decided to keep it a West Coast thing. And I will never forgive them for that. **insert devil eyes** Continue reading

Vietnamese Pho Sandwich with Roast Beef, Hoisin, Sriracha + Herbs

This tasty Pho Sandwich is made with Roast Beef, Hoisin, Sriracha and Herbs!

A few weeks ago, Jerm and I went to NYC for some gluttonous adventures grilled cheese pop-ups and a city-wide sandwich tour for The Spruce Eats (formally known as!). And even though I lived in NYC for most of my 20s and had eaten way too many sandwiches, I knew there were some new creations that had escaped my radar. So like any hungry gal with 34,000 foodie friends, I decided to reach out to my homies and ask they what their fav sandwiches of the big city were. We got dozens of straight up baller recommendations but since both Jerm and I are obsessed with Vietnamese food, we got super excited when we heard about this infamous pho sub in the East Village… That I somehow overlooked all those years.

So what did we do? We grabbed a coffee from Milk Bar, walked to the L and hopped on the Manhattan bound train. 5 minutes later, we got out at first ave and headed straight to Sunny and Annie’s Deli in the East Village. From the outside, this unassuming cult classic on Ave A looks just like every other bodega on the block. There’s colorful buckets of fresh flowers wrapped around the entrance, layers of chromatic fruit crates stacked high on top of each other, fifty beverage coolers lining the south side of the store, and on the north side, the most important part — the deli.  Continue reading

Food Network Facebook Live Episode 8: Mother’s Day Summer Squash Frittata + Pimento Cheese Ham Sliders

This easy DIY Mother's Day Brunch Spread is to die for! Summer Squash + Goat Cheese Frittata with Pimento Cheese Biscuit Sliders

For years my mom and I lived over 1,000 miles away from each other. And although we talked about 3 times a day, it was still a super long distance to be separated from my bestie. SheShe (her nickname) is not only my idol but she’s also my biggest supporter, cheerleader, and all around best friend. These days, things are a little bit different. Not only do we live right next door to each other but we also work as a team at my family’s bnb, Black Dolphin Inn. Continue reading