Quick Pickled Cucumbers

quick-pickled-cucumbers I grew up with quick pickles on the dinner table. My mother served them doused with rice wine vinegar alongside sliced red onions and big chunks of tomato. I’d always munch on them solely as a side dish, but ever since gobbled them down on a steamed bun at David Chang’s Momofuku milk bar, all I want to do is put them in ALL THE SANDWICHES!

I’ve used this recipe on all types of sandwiches, but my favorite would have to be the banh mi. Although its flavor is light, the freshness that it brings is delightful. Try quick pickled cucumbers on vegetarian sloppy joes, loaded with barley and caramelized onions, or try it on tea sandwiches with a little bit of chive-infused cream cheese.

Want the recipe? Check out my super awesome Sandwich Expert page on About.com right [HERE]!

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