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The Wild Tropic Deluxe – Mozzarella, Pineapple, and Pickled Jalapeno Grilled Cheese

I’m just going to put this out there – I LOVE INSTAGRAM. I know, i know i know, you’re probably like “yeah, well duhhhh, who doesn’t?” I’m sure we’re all completely aware that it’s like the most awesome thing ever, but recently my love for this little app has increased by like a million percent. Here’s why.

The KimCheeze Kick – Cheddar, Cream Cheese, Kimchee, and Pineapple Grilled Cheese

Whoa. So I just did pilates for the first time in a very long time and let me tell you something – omg wtf… I think I broke my body! How did this happen? I know I’ve used winter as one of my favorite excuses to be lazy, and sure, having a broken arm definitely didn’t help my fit(less)ness. But c’mon! I thought I could at least get through a few blogilates classes before I was knocked out, panting on the floor, flabs throbbing, reaching for a bottle of water like I had woken up from the worst hangover of my life.
This is definitely not the way I thought my little fitness routine would be when I decided to “start working out” earlier today. It’s only been about thirty minutes since I’ve given up and I’m already sore. Walking down two flights of stairs to take my little pup, Pippy, out was torturous. Squatting down to pick up his poop… even more excruciating. I’m just going to go ahead and say this: working out SUCKS. Yeah, yeah, it’s great for you blah blah blah but how the hell do you make yourself to do it when it’s so hard and not fun? And maybe I’m crazy, but is it possible that I could have a headache from doing it for approximately 25 minutes? Or is it my brain’s way of punishing me for being a complete blob all of 2013? Whatever it is, I’m not into it. There’s got to be a better way to get bikini ready (yeah, I’m a little late for this one, i know i know) other than by dieting because there’s no way that I’m cutting anything out of my diet. I’m just not one for that kind of lifestyle. I’m not good at it. I’m a grilled cheese kind of gal. Take that away from me and I’m nuffin!
I am motivated though. That’s one thing I’ve got going for me. Whenever I see Kate Upton prancing around in that infamous cat daddy video, it serves as my mental catalyst to try, try again. In the meantime, here’s a grilled cheese that is probably not going to help me reach my Victoria Secret model body anytime soon, like at all, but it does taste hella good. Sweet chunks of ripe pineapple brighten up spicy kimchi, while cream cheese and cheddar combine to make a creamy mouthfeel, and crunchy, thick slices of Texas toast hold it all together.

Go and getcha some of these!


-2 tbs Wisconsin cheddar (I’m into Carr Valley)
-2 tbsp cream cheese
-2 tbsp pineapple, thinly sliced
-2 tbsp Mother-In-Law’s Kimchi
-2 pats of salted butter
-2 slices of Texas Toast

Start out by combining your kimchi with the cheddar and cream cheese. Twist it up gurl.
Once it’s evenly mixed, it’ll sort of taste and resemble an Asian pimento cheese spread. You can eat this by the spoonful. It’s totally fine, don’t let anyone tell you not to.
If you still have some left, i know you tried more than a bite, then spread it all on to one piece of the Texas toast. Is spreading a thick cheese substance considered an arm workout?
Now sprinkle it with a few chunks of pineapple. OMG! Did I just inadvertently do something healthy? Awesome. *high fives*
Top it with the other piece of toast and admire. Just think, you’re going to get to eat this delicious thing in a minute!
Butter both sides of the sandwich and turn your heat to medium. Place it in and let it cook. Flip it when it gets as golden as your future bronzed self. Repeat. Laugh at my jokes.
Once it’s all done, it’s time to take it off the heat and allow it to cool – letting all those crazy flavors seep into one another and stiffening up just enough so that it doesn’t ooze out all over your plate when you cut into it.
So all in all, i hope you enjoyed this sandwich recipe but I hope even more so that I’ll be able to do more than 25 minutes worth of pilates tomorrow. Goals, pffffff. am I right?

Holy Hock – Comte Grilled Cheese with Rosemary Ham and Pineapple with Smoked Sea Salt

So believe it or not, I got another job dealing with – you guessed it – cheese! I’m still at Saveur but I’m also slanging (yes, I used that word and no it’s not illegal. What’s pasteurized is supposed to be pasteurized. Promise.) my favorite milk-derived product at this super lovely little shop called Dépanneur in Williamsburg. You should totes come in. Not only will I sell you some awesome cheese but I also play DJ (sometimes) and slam their coffee (always) so I have way too much energy that could use an outlet. I think you would be perfect for helping me with that. Really, I do.
But back to the sandwich – I got all the ingredients from the shop and have, at least to my standards, perfected the grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Here it is. Say hello to your new best friend.

Made with The Dep’s best…


– 5 slices of fra’mani rosemary ham
– 1/4 pound of shredded Comte cheese
– 2 pats vermont creamery cultured butter
– smoked sea salt
Roberta’s city white bread
– 2 tbs chopped fresh pineapple


To begin, you’ve got to get yourself some Comte. This cheese is probably one of the best melting quesos EVER. It’s firm yet creamy with a mild flavor and pairs perfectly with pretty much everything. The balance between sweetness and saltiness sort of works out the same way that Jens Lekman’s songs are perfect for every occasion. Sort of.

Now that I’ve talked you into it, go ahead and shred it up and place half of it on one slice of bread. It really doesn’t take Comte long to melt, but shredding it will speed up the process and anything helps when it’s this ridiculously hot outside.

Now let’s talk about this ham. Holy hock. It’s really good. Like really, really good.* This salty meat is baked with savory rosemary and has a delicate interlace of semi-fatty streaks that makes it melt in your mouth. Yeah, ham can do that.

And because it can do that, you’ll definitely want to put some on this sandwich.

* I know say that about almost everything i put on here, and I don’t mean to sound cocky, but I DO use some really great stuff.  

Now pineapple-it-up. You’ll want to make a thin layer of pineapple – just enough so you can get a nice little pop of sweetness in each bite.

Now more cheese, more, MORE!

Then gently put the other piece of bread on top and squish it down. But before we move on to the next step, I need to tell you about this bread. It’s from Roberta’s which is probably the best restaurant in my hood. Having access to their bread is really tricky. I have to constantly distract myself from eating it. The crust is thin and a little bit burnt which contrasts beautifully to the dense, moist and nutty center. I want to eat it all the time. God help me.

Now that the sandwich is built, it’s butter and salt time. Both of which, when combined, create a very unique and complex flavor profile.

The smoked salt by itself is sort of overwhelming. When I opened the container I almost gagged from the smell that bombarded my olfactory nerves. “How could anything this potent not overpower the other flavors?” I asked. I thought it was over for the salt and me. As I was on my way to toss it in the trash I began thinking about the money I spent on it so you know what I did? I tested it. I buttered a piece of bread and sprinkled some of it on and grilled it up. When the heat started to get to the salt, the smokiness seemed to fade and to my surprise, it made the underlying buttery notes even brighter. It’s kind of hard to explain but it even though it was crispy, it still tasted like real-uncooked-butter. Muy delicioso.

TLDR: smoked salt is weird at first but super good when grilled with cultured butter. Do it.

Smear on some butter and add a pinch of smoked salt to each side.

Turn your skillet to medium high and place the GC inside. It should take about four minutes on each for it to crisp up and become all melty and gooey and buttery and creamy and delicious and addicting and and and.

Then take it out the skillet, let it rest for a minute so that the flavors enhance, and serve!

For those of you that don’t live in the area, I’m sorry if this post is completely irrelevant to you. Using your own local ingredients will taste just as good when it’s all grilled and done. I’m just stoked on the quality of the products from Depanneur and felt compelled to share.

Oh AND, my book-give-away contest ends tomorrow and I wanted to thank all of you that have entered. I’ve gotten some great pics and can’t wait to announce the winners on my Facebook page tomorrow!

G’luck and have an awesome week!