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The #1 Dormmate – 4 Cheese Grilled Cheese using an Iron

I don’t know about you but my dormitory experience was absolutely awful. I lived in a little allergen-infested cubbyhole with a girl that spent almost every night instant messaging until three in the morning. This wouldn’t have been that bad, but you see, she always kept the volume turned all the way up. Do you remember that little ba-ding noise that happened EVERY SINGLE TIME you sent or received a message? Well yeah, it sort of drove me crazy. Oh and not to mention, she had a huge obsession with Sponge Bob. Our tiny cage, i mean, dorm room had it all: a Sponge Bob comforter, Sponge Bob pillows, Sponge Bob posters, the whole package. She had it and I was not having it.
She was a great girl though. Really. 
Anyway, beyond being stuck with an 18-year-old female version of the 8-year-old boy I used to babysit, I was also without a kitchen for the first time in my life. This was a hard adjustment for me. I didn’t get a meal plan because I thought the cafeteria was gross so I was forced to adapt. For the first few months I lived off of Pabst Blue Ribbon, copious amounts of cereal (Smacks and Lucky Charms if you can even consider those sugar concoctions cereal) and far too many peanut butter and jellies sandwiches (aka Pea-nutter-jel-andwiches). This was definitely a fun and exciting time in my life. Living on my own, having no curfew, and doing whatever the eff I wanted was wonderful. But my palette and reputation were suffering; one can only go through the TacoBell drive-thru so much before they start to know you by name. That was, until one day, I discovered this beautiful gem.

Here’s some simple ingredients that changed my dorm life and probably my slammin’ teenage figure.


– 1 iron
– about a 1 square foot of tin foil
– 2 pats of butter
– 2 slices of hearty whole wheat (mine was seeded)
– a little under 4 tbsp of shredded serious cheeses
    – 1 tbsp grated Comte
    – 1 tbsp grated Gruyere
    – 1 tbsp grated Ossau Iraty
    – .5 tbsp crumbled Stilton (or some yummy blue)

To begin, Plug in your iron and put it in a safe spot. I know you probably don’t have a lot of room, but this is very important, burns are the worst. If it has a steaming option, turn it off and set it to the highest heat setting (which is usually labeled cotton).

From here, lay out your tin foil and butter one piece of bread. Flip it so the butter is face down.

Now pile on your cheeses! I know I definitely didn’t have enough money to buy fancy cheeses like these while I was enrolled in college (and to be honest, I still don’t have enough money!) and I’m not even sure if they had these delicacies available in Tallahassee (besides Sweet Grass Dairy which I didn’t even know about until I was a senior..sad face).

I should have totally thought about this before I did this post… BUT OH WELL. I think it would be just as good with a Kraft single, some provolone and swiss, and maybe even a slice of muenster if you’re extra fancy or go to an ivy league school or something like that.

Now simply place the other piece of bread on top and butter it!

Now fold up the tin foil to create a little alien spaceship home for your sandwich. These silver packets can function as really fun and playful weapons to use when your suite-mates* are getting out of hand. You can chuck it at them in anger without hurting them and as soon as they realize what hit them in the back of the head – you’re forgiven because of the warm gooey cheesy mess that’s about to grace their state college oh-so-refined palette.  

*Why do they even call them suite-mates? There is nothing sweet about it.

Now when your is iron piping hot go ahead and place it on top and apply some pressure. After about five minutes, carefully (it’s freaking burning hot) check to see if the bread is starting to crisp up. It took me about 5-6 minutes for each side. 

I’ve heard you can also do this without the tinfoil, but at the time when I learned this method I didn’t want to risk having any my beautiful Forever 21 garments spotted with butter stains. But to be completely honest, this was probably the most action my iron got during those days. And to be even more honest, I couldn’t even tell you the last time I ironed anything. I really love the wrinkle release spray stuff. It saves my life or at least my appearance.

After it’s all cooked up, go ahead and gently open up your packet. I think it’s best to take out the grilled chee
se right away because it gets kind of soggy if it stays all cooped up.

Now this method isn’t only for dorm room residents. It also works really well in hotels, apartments with gross kitchens, bus stations, train terminals, dive bars and so on. As long as you have a plug, you can bring your sandwich pre-wrapped and cook it anywhere. Well almost anywhere, I’m sure the cashiers at Forever 21 might have a problem with it.

Stay tuned for next week, where I present another new and exciting way to cook up a yummy grilled cheese sandwich!



Holy Hock – Comte Grilled Cheese with Rosemary Ham and Pineapple with Smoked Sea Salt

So believe it or not, I got another job dealing with – you guessed it – cheese! I’m still at Saveur but I’m also slanging (yes, I used that word and no it’s not illegal. What’s pasteurized is supposed to be pasteurized. Promise.) my favorite milk-derived product at this super lovely little shop called Dépanneur in Williamsburg. You should totes come in. Not only will I sell you some awesome cheese but I also play DJ (sometimes) and slam their coffee (always) so I have way too much energy that could use an outlet. I think you would be perfect for helping me with that. Really, I do.
But back to the sandwich – I got all the ingredients from the shop and have, at least to my standards, perfected the grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Here it is. Say hello to your new best friend.

Made with The Dep’s best…


– 5 slices of fra’mani rosemary ham
– 1/4 pound of shredded Comte cheese
– 2 pats vermont creamery cultured butter
– smoked sea salt
Roberta’s city white bread
– 2 tbs chopped fresh pineapple


To begin, you’ve got to get yourself some Comte. This cheese is probably one of the best melting quesos EVER. It’s firm yet creamy with a mild flavor and pairs perfectly with pretty much everything. The balance between sweetness and saltiness sort of works out the same way that Jens Lekman’s songs are perfect for every occasion. Sort of.

Now that I’ve talked you into it, go ahead and shred it up and place half of it on one slice of bread. It really doesn’t take Comte long to melt, but shredding it will speed up the process and anything helps when it’s this ridiculously hot outside.

Now let’s talk about this ham. Holy hock. It’s really good. Like really, really good.* This salty meat is baked with savory rosemary and has a delicate interlace of semi-fatty streaks that makes it melt in your mouth. Yeah, ham can do that.

And because it can do that, you’ll definitely want to put some on this sandwich.

* I know say that about almost everything i put on here, and I don’t mean to sound cocky, but I DO use some really great stuff.  

Now pineapple-it-up. You’ll want to make a thin layer of pineapple – just enough so you can get a nice little pop of sweetness in each bite.

Now more cheese, more, MORE!

Then gently put the other piece of bread on top and squish it down. But before we move on to the next step, I need to tell you about this bread. It’s from Roberta’s which is probably the best restaurant in my hood. Having access to their bread is really tricky. I have to constantly distract myself from eating it. The crust is thin and a little bit burnt which contrasts beautifully to the dense, moist and nutty center. I want to eat it all the time. God help me.

Now that the sandwich is built, it’s butter and salt time. Both of which, when combined, create a very unique and complex flavor profile.

The smoked salt by itself is sort of overwhelming. When I opened the container I almost gagged from the smell that bombarded my olfactory nerves. “How could anything this potent not overpower the other flavors?” I asked. I thought it was over for the salt and me. As I was on my way to toss it in the trash I began thinking about the money I spent on it so you know what I did? I tested it. I buttered a piece of bread and sprinkled some of it on and grilled it up. When the heat started to get to the salt, the smokiness seemed to fade and to my surprise, it made the underlying buttery notes even brighter. It’s kind of hard to explain but it even though it was crispy, it still tasted like real-uncooked-butter. Muy delicioso.

TLDR: smoked salt is weird at first but super good when grilled with cultured butter. Do it.

Smear on some butter and add a pinch of smoked salt to each side.

Turn your skillet to medium high and place the GC inside. It should take about four minutes on each for it to crisp up and become all melty and gooey and buttery and creamy and delicious and addicting and and and.

Then take it out the skillet, let it rest for a minute so that the flavors enhance, and serve!

For those of you that don’t live in the area, I’m sorry if this post is completely irrelevant to you. Using your own local ingredients will taste just as good when it’s all grilled and done. I’m just stoked on the quality of the products from Depanneur and felt compelled to share.

Oh AND, my book-give-away contest ends tomorrow and I wanted to thank all of you that have entered. I’ve gotten some great pics and can’t wait to announce the winners on my Facebook page tomorrow!

G’luck and have an awesome week!