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The Spanish Fly – Foie Gras, Sheeps Gorgonzola, Green Plum Marmalade, Pear + Butterkase Grilled Cheese

foie gras grilled cheeseAs you may know from my insta-feed, I spent a couple of weeks this past summer lounging on the beatiful beaches of the historic Parte Vieja in San Sebastian, Spain (Join!). Ok, ok… So maybe I wasn’t just lounging. I was there because I won a contest with Eat Feastly – a food startup that can best be described as the air bnb for super awesome dinner parties. While I was away on my exotic adventure, I acted as one of Feastly’s brand ambassadors while they were doing a residency at the Basque Culinary Center. It was awesome. I got to cook grilled cheese for… well… a bunch of people that didn’t even know what grilled cheese were. Can you believe that?! I guess I just assumed that everybody knew what this glorious food was. But nah, dawg. They didn’t, so naturally, I showed them the light. Continue reading