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Our Insider’s Guide To Epcot’s 2016 Food and Wine Festival: Part 1 – Top Cheesiest Dishes

MacKenzie Smith Jeremy Johnston of New Smyrna Beach FLorida

I’ve always dreamt of going to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival… And guess what guys? This was the first year we finally got to go! My darling boyfriend, Jeremy Johnston, surprised me with the idea for my birthday and we teamed up with our pals at VISIT FLORIDA to help share our experience with all of you. Continue reading

Girl’d Cheese – Which One Are You?

~~~Originally appearing on ProfressionGal.com~~~
It’s really weird to think that my love of the grilled cheese sandwich has helped launch a legit career for myself. Sheesh, it actually blows my mind. Just a few years ago I was in grad school at Columbia University for psychology, and I was completely miserable. Like so sad, mad, and bent out of shape that even my parents were on board for me dipping out early. But I didn’t quit because eff that. The cost of that ridiculous tuition was way too pricey for a student like me to leave after just one year. So like some chick with a death wish, I stuck through it.