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The Hot Box – Ricotta, Stewed Sweet Potatoes and Hot Honey Grilled Cheese

If I could sum winter up in 1 word, it would be NEGLECT. For reals. I mean when it’s like 2 degrees out, what else are you supposed to do besides eat rich food and lay around? It’s too cold to walk anywhere, your friends won’t leave the house, and relying on whiskey to keep you warm isn’t the best idea after 5 months of solitude. But I’m not here to bitch about the winter because who the hell cares – It’s in the 50’s today! FINALLY warm out today! Can you believe it?! I’m crying I’m so happy… I truly never thought this day would come.

Pinkie Pie’s Dream – Funfetti Cake Mix, Ricotta, and Brioche Grilled Cheese

When it’s this cold out, there’s not a whole lot to do besides pout, cry, and dream about times when you could wear a bathing suit in public. Yeah, sure, you might have been verbally harassed by some construction workers, but at this point, who the fuck cares?! I would gladly hear some sexist cat calls in exchange to never have to see my puffy coat again. I’m serious, the warmth of the sun is literally all I fantasize about. I can’t think of anything better than walkin the streets of Brooklyn, my pup choking himself out pulling his leash in front of me, head held high, bright colors ablaze, and a super big smile on my not-pale face.

But clearly, that’s not happening. Instead I’m avoiding the outdoors at all costs, my wardrobe has become more goth than I ever wanted, and Netflix and I have officially been reunited as BFF. My fav thing to watch? Documentaries all the way. And as you could imagine, I was so stoked to see that the Bronies documentary was added to the list. Oh, and If you’re not sure what a Bronie is – it’s a “bro” or dude that loves My Little Pony. Let me give you some background on what I’m talking about…

As a kid, I was completely obsessed with MLP. I had the dream house, the pool, and all the pony’s that I could get my greedy little hands on. I would even act sick so that my Uncle Bro would buy me a new pony to make me feel better. Yes, I was a genius and conniving little kid. Anyways, I found out what a Brony was just a few months back when I was obsessed with this techno song by PinkiePieSwear called Flutterwonder. I just thought it was a cool, uppity song and I had no idea that it was actually just bits and pieces of a my lil pony episode that some dude mixed together.

When I found this out, I was immediately fascinated and spent a few hours getting into a deep brony-hole on the internet. I was totally in love with these dudes and I just thought it was a super fun and unique club… and of course, I felt for them because our love for MLP was mutual. And even though I’ve only watched the show a handful of times, I’m totally aware that the morals behind it are based on friendship, love, and being true to yourself. And I love that. I think it’s amazing and ridiculous. And since Valentine’s Day is coming up and I wanted to make a grilled cheese that is sweet, adorable, loving, and sharable, I thought I’d name this sammich after the character that introduced to me the Brony culture.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s a funfetti-based grilled cheese. Yes, you heard that right. You can eat funfetti batter if you do it right and luckily for you, I just figured out how to do it… And of course it went into a grilled cheese. Everyone give a big brony welcome to Pinkie Pie’s Dream!


3 tbsp Ricotta
1 tbsp sprinkles
1.5 tbsp dry funfetti cake mix
2 slices of brioche
2 pats salted butter (Obsessed with Kriemhild)

So let’s get this party started. Mix the dry funfetti mix and the fresh ricotta in a small bowl. Taste it to make sure that you believe in miracles me. Not funfetti-y enough? Add some more of the cake mix!

Now smear some onto a piece of brioche. FIY, this is probably the best type of bread for a sweet grilled cheese. It’s buttery, airy, and not too sweet itself. It sort of has the taste and consistency of poundcake but more airy. It’s the bomb.

Now add some sprinkles for some more color. You totally don’t have to, but do it. The sprinkles bring a nice little textural crunch the sandwich and it makes it way more fun.

Now add the other piece of bread on top and butter this little baby up.

Place your sandwich in a frying pan and turn the heat to medium low. Because this bread has such a high fat content, it’ll burn really easily. So you’ll def wanna cook iy slow and low to get the most out of the ricotta mix and the bread.

Don’t forget to flip and repeat!

After a few minutes on each side, it’ll be ready to eat! Just slice it down the middle and serve to all of your cake-batter-obsessed-friends.

So I hope that everyone has a great Valentine’s Day and that you all get hugs from your friends and a lil sumpin sumpin special from your lovers. I wish I could give you all a big hug and feed you bites of this sandwich to show my love for all of you. Thanks for keepin GCS on the map babes!



The Pizzawitch – White Pizza Grilled Cheese With Taleggio, Ricotta, Basil, Spinach and Bacon

I’ve spent my entire life horrified of the possibility of being scared but also completely obsessed with spooky things. I was the type of kid that rented Goosebumps from the library, proudly carried ’em around all week, ogling at the awesome cover art, only to return them unread because I would get paralyzingly scared of where my mind might wander. If I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I’d sprint. Taking trash out after dark? No effing way. If my mom didn’t go with me, it wasn’t happening. When I’d take off my coke-bottle lensed glasses at night, my super bad vision would create shadows and shapes that looked just like people or creatures sitting around my room, waiting to choke me out in my sleep. Maybe I have a demented mind, well… I’m pretty sure of that,  but I’ve just always felt like I was going to get murdered by a scary clown hiding in the bushes or something. I don’t know why or what made me so scared but I’ve just never been able to handle it.

It didn’t stop there though. I’ve been avoiding scary movies my entire life. I remember making the decision that I wasn’t ever going to watching anything scary again. When I was in 5th grade, My older neighbor friend made me watch Poltergeist with her and because I didn’t want to seem like a pussy, I did. What happened after? Well, I ended up sleeping on a cot in my parents room for 6 months because I was 100% sure that I was going to get swallowed up by my closet. I’m still this way. I always check my non-existent NYC  closets, under my bed, and behind the shower curtain just to make sure there’s no angry ex-boyfriends psychopaths hiding anywhere.

When I moved to NYC, something changed. Maybe it was the lack of scary bushes combined with constantly lit streets or something like that, but I was no longer scared of possible goblins with giant claws or a vampire with the need to feed. No, instead I decided that it was probably a good idea to focus my fear on real things like the possibility of getting mugged at 4am on Bushwick or some freak show pushing me into the subway tracks when I wasn’t looking. So since it’s Halloween and I’ve realized that I haven’t really felt that scared, panicky, heart beating in my throat kind of feeling in a while, I decided that it would probably be OK if I watched a scary movie… alone… without roommates or friends or a body guard.

And ya know what? I did it AND i slept soundly. I mean of course I woke up in the middle of the night a few times because it felt like someone was standing over me, but I calmly told myself “be chill girlfriend, you could seriously use some beauty rest, you’re lookin’ busted these days” and then there I went, back to sleep, without one horrifying care in the world. So because I’m super excited about this new development, I also thought it would be fun to revisit something else that I hadn’t done in a while. That’s how this pizza grilled cheese came to be. I did one a few years ago [HERE] but I wanted to make a fresh and new one so here it is – a white pizza inspired GC with taleggio, fresh ricotta, basil, spinach, BACON, and some red pepper flaked olive oil all on a sliced focaccia loaf.

Here’s what you’ll need:


– Fresh Ricotta
– Spinach
– Basil
– Bacon
– Focaccia
– Red Pepper Flakes
– Olive Oil

I started with the fresh ricotta because if I hadn’t, I would have seriously just ate the whole thing before the sandwich was event built. I actually have an addiction problem with the fresh stuff. It’s seriously the best thing my body’s ever tasted.

So do as I do, start with the fresh ricotta, and smear on a super thick coat. Sprinkle a little bit of sea salt on top to make it have an extra pop of flavor.

Now it’s bacon time which I’m pretty sure is everyone’s favorite time ever in the whole wide world. Except for you veggies, I’m so sorry. Y’all should just omit it and then re-evaluate your life choices. JK sort of.

Ok, onto the next step. Basil time! Just add a few fresh basil leaves for some added herbal earthiness.

Pile on a ton of fresh spinach…

Then top with some semi-thick slices of Taleggio.

If you’re not familiar with taleggio, then let me fill you in. It’s a washed-rind cheese that has a texture similar to brie. Although mild to the taste, it packs a super strong flavor and a pretty serious aroma along with a fruity tang. It also melts perfectly and without much heat. It’s the shit.

Since that’s all of the ingredients, go ahead and top your sandwich with the other piece of bread.

Drizzle a little bit of olive over both sides of the sandwich and sprinkle on a pinch of red pepper flakes if you’d like. C’mon, you gotta do it – it’s pizza themed after all!

Now turn your burner to medium and let that baby cook. It”ll just take a few minutes until the cheese starts to melt and the the bread crisps up into an irresistible golden crust.

Once it’s done, take it out of the pan and let it sit for a sec. Because the taleggio melts pretty rapidly, you’ll need to let it sit  or else it’s all going to fall out all over the place.

So now that I ain’t scared of nothin’…except creepy babies, mean boys, psycho girls, spiders in my shoes, running out of fresh ricotta, the mad hatter from alice in wonderland, sharks, big snakes, getting frostbit, being trapped in a walk-in freezer, maggots, any bug that eats dead things, tiny cockroaches, big cockroaches, humans dressed up as clowns, people that put a slit in their tongue, zombies, vampires… wait I actually like vampires, never mind, alligators, crocodiles, mean bears, being alone when I grow up, being abandoned when I actually like someone, and the like…. let me know what scary movies I’ve been missing out on!