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The Cutest Ham and Cheese Biscuits in the World

The cutest ham and cheese biscuit sandwiches everFlaky biscuits, smokey fried ham, buttery muenster cheese and sweet honey butter makes these miniature Southern heart-shaped (OMG CUTE!) sandwiches perfect for picnics, parties, and binge eating when you’re depressed and have no ice cream. Each bite is packed with Southern goodness and the heart shape adds an extra layer of fun and romance… even when it’s lacking in real life. I swear I’m not sad today, but I do recommend serving them with like 1 thousand mimosas and a few of your favorite hot sauces. Continue reading

The Modern Mayflower – Muenster, Mashed Potatoes and Cranberry Stuffing Grilled Cheese

Man oh man. Thanksgiving is here again and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m slightly good at this. It’s been about 3 years since I started having my own personal lil Brooklyn food fest sans mi familia, and there’s def been some gross ass turkeys hurdles along the way but I’m actually getting the hang of it. I mean, now that I know that you have to defrost a turkey fifty days in advance and that it’s absolutely necessary to have a meat thermometer if you want edible turkey, then what could go wrong?

A lot.

So based on my personal experiences, if you want to have the best stress-free thanksgiving ever, then take the following advice:
1. I think it’s important that one understands that it’s absolutely vital to have at least one bottle of champagne per person the morning-of.
2. If you’re inviting friends over, give them the hard recipes or the ones you’re not familiar with – stick to your favorites because it makes you look like a pro. Genius advice right there.
 3. Remember, be a good host and keep everyone’s glasses full and bowl’s packed. Not only will the meal be absolutely delicious when it’s fiiiiiiiiiiiinally ready, but by getting your guests wa-wa-wasted a lil tipsy, then you can all take a big group nap in the living room with all the pillows and blankets you can find! How fun does that sound?! Oh, and of course if your meal sucks then they’ll prob just forget anyways which is good, too.

So if you keep all of these practical tips in mind, then you should be good to go. But actually who cares about the day of Thanksgiving?  Everyone knows that the leftovers are the best part anyways. And that leads us to this very special sandwich. So go ahead, put on your jeggings, pour yourself a stiff drink, and get ready for some deliciousness because shit just got real.

You know all that soggy leftover stuffing? Yeah? Well, put that slop into a waffle press and get ready to make the best thing that’s ever been created… besides —. Then add some muenster cheese, a little bit of crappy cranberry jelly, and a big ole heaping pile of mashed potatoes and grill it. As Adina, my boss and #1 homey from S.W. Basics would say, “if you make this sandwich, you make turkey the side”. And I say TRUE DAT, Adina. True dat. Let’s get started.

– 2 stuffing waffles (directions below)
– 2 giant spoonfuls of mashed potatoes
– 1 tbsp of crappy cranberry jelly
– a few slices of Wisconsin muenster

Let’s begin by talking about the greatest thing that I’ve ever done in my life. It’s not some amazing volunteer gig or that time when I rescued a baby sea otter from the middle of the street (that didn’t happen, it would be cute though!), nah, it’s when I discovered that you could put stuffing mix into a waffle iron.

STUFFING WAFFLES. That’s it. Just two simple words that have changed my life.  They’re so easy to make and they’re insanely addicting. Just image this – It’s like all the delicious crispy stuffing parts are perfectly in proportion to the moist parts. And that just happens to be the greatest thing ever.

So let me tell you how to make these. Basically you can just put your wet stuffing mixture into a waffle press, let it cook for a few cycles – they need more time than regular ole waffles. After they start to get crispy and golden, let them sit some more so they can firm up then they’re ready to be used!

Next, add some of your knock-off Aunt Lorraine’s famous mashed potatoes, be sure to really mash the taters into the nooks and crannies of the waffle. It’s like perfectly made little pockets so why not fill they with mashed potatoes? WHY NOT?!

On the other side, repeat the same process but instead use some cranberry jelly. I’ll go ahead and put this out there, I am a fan of the crappy stuff. I don’t want any chunks, or berries as some would say, in my cranberry jelly. No. I want that ultra-smooth, deliciously-weird, and consistently-gelatinous goodness that I remember from my childhood. And I want a lot… but you could add however much you like.

That reminds me, you could also add turkey at this point. But if you’re too poor busy like me and don’t have money time to make a turkey twice, or if you ran out of turkey and had no leftovers, then you can be on my team. Otherwise, eff off! Jk. Jk. I love you forever.

Now add a few slices of muenster. I added three for good measure because I want excess of pretty much everything in my life. And who wouldn’t want want extra muenster. Dumdums, that’s who.

And did you know that muenster has a super high percentage of butterfat so it’s basically the butter of meltable cheeses. Amazeballs.

Gah, brb, gotta go gobble down a slice…

Almost done, almost done! Now just put the two halves together and clap your hands. You can also call all of your friends into the room to let them admire what you
‘ve done. I’m giving you a internet-pat-on-the-back as we speak!

Because the stuffing was already so buttery, I didn’t think it was necessary to add any more sandwich lube. Strange, I know, especially when you consider what I just said in the last step, but you get it. If I would have added more butter, it probably would have burned too quickly and would have gotten a lil soggy and I might have cried.

So anyways, just cook the sandwich for a few minutes on each side at a low heat – remember the stuffing waffle is already cooked so you just want to get it hot enough to where the cheese melts. And like I said before – muenster melts magically!

Once it looks all deliciously crispy and you can’t wait any longer, take it out of your pan and let it chill for a sec. During this time, you can run down to the liquor store or coffee shop and re-up on mimosas or whatever else you drink the day after Thanksgiving. Then indulge and enjoy the leftovers!

So hopefully this post will help you use up your leftovers in a fun, new, and creative way. If you’ve gotta a better weirder idea on how to use up the leftover food, then please share! Until next time homies…



Brave Little Toaster – How to Make Grilled Cheese in a Toaster

I’ve always had big dreams for my toaster. Well sort of. I know it might sound strange, but ever since I saw The Brave Little Toaster when I was like five, I’ve had a soft spot for old appliances and a weird habit of calling my toaster slot-head. Remember the suicide-nightmare scene when Toaster is depressed because Master ditched him and dreams about falling into a bathtub to her (his? I could never tell) death? Horrifying, right? 
Well yeah, I guess you can say it sort of stuck with me. Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to toss the jenky old toaster that was given to me when I moved to New York two years ago. I mean, it probably cost like ten bucks at CVS but I’ve put like thirty bucks into revamping it so it’s not going anywhere. Yes, I’ve just announced that I’ve given my toaster a facelift a few times. Yes, I’m weird and spray paint my kitchen appliances so they look cute. Yes, you should too, it’s so easy and Montana Gold spray paint works perfectly.  
But I digress. This is about grilled cheese making! So let me tell you about this grilled cheese that’s made with my slot-head a toaster.

Here’s whatchaaaa need…


– 2 slices of muenster cheese
– 2 slices of white bread
– four thinly shaved pieces of speck
– 1 tbsp of good and evil pickles
  (or any sweet and spicy pickles)
– 1 toaster

Now before you begin – please take these necessary precautions and pay attention to these slightly horrifying important parts.


Basically just pop a piece of bread in there to see if you have any hotspots. These are areas that burn quicker than the rest of your bread. If you have a new toaster, you probably won’t have this issue. But if you’ve got them you need to be aware and take extra steps before you start to toast the cheesed up pieces. Of course, my crappy old toaster had one really bad hotspot; in the back of the top slot which caused instant burnt toast once it was flipped on its side. I’ll tell you how I remedied this later on in the post.

Another point that I need to mention is that when I was doing the research for this post, I found that quite a few people had toasters that had these metal gates that sort of gripped the bread while it was being toasted. My hand-me-down vintage toaster is probably about 8 years old, so it doesn’t have any fancy metalwork. But some do, and if yours does, this method won’t work for ya. SORRY! The heated metal prongs will press into the cheese and start a smoky mess and maybe even start a fire which is not a lawsuit I’d like to deal with. So yeah, give up now if that’s what’s going on in your kitchen. Come back next week and I’ll have a new method just for you!

So when you use the whole “toaster technique” you’re going to want to use a super flat slice of cheese.  Using shredded cheese would be an absolute mess and would definitely fill your house with the smell of burnt cheese. No bueno.

So yeah, stick to the sliced stuff and lay one slice on each piece of bread.

Also, now that you’re aware of your hot spots and are ready to start to melt some cheese, go ahead and gently press down your toasting lever and watch the magic unfold.

I let mine toast for about two and a half minutes on the “low” setting. And because of my toaster’s hot spot, I made sure to rotate my bread half way through so the back wouldn’t get all burnt up and cause my house to smell like death. Yes, death. It’s awful, but not as awful as burnt hair. That’s the worst.

And here’s another tricky part, if your toaster is anything like mine, it will projectile-launch your toast four feet across the room when it decides it’s “done”. This is a serious issue. Cheese burns are no fun and they seriously feel like molten lava if they just so happen to launch out and hit you in the stomach while you’re wearing a bikini*.

Make sure to gently pop your toast out, and have a shirt on, please, please, please take my advice and have a shirt on.

*True story, lesson learned. Don’t ever cook in a bikini.

Now this is the part when you need to work quickly. After the cheese has melted, take your toast out and start piling on the good stuff.

I threw on some speck, which is like a juniper flavored version of prosciutto. It’s super yummy and salty and good, and I actually like it about 300 times more than regular ole’ prosciutto.

Then I piled a couple of these delicious sweet and spicy pickles that my friend Bev mailed me from Florida. They’re called good and evil pickles and they’re made by the wonderful people at Mercier Orchards. Basically it’s equal parts whole garlic cloves, sliced jalapenos, and cucumber rounds. They’re super spicy but it’s not overwhelming because the sweetness masks the burning which in turn, forces you to keep eating them so that you maintain this equilibrium of hot-to-not-so-hot balance.

Am i the only one that experiences this vicious and sometimes fattening cycle? I think that’s why I always eat way too much chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants. Sorry, back to the point.

Once your fillings are all in, place the other piece of cheesy toast on top. If you’re not afraid of a few hundred calories more, smear some butter all over the toast to make it more grilled cheese-ish. I felt really weird about not putting butter all over this sandwich but I’m going back to Florida for a visit next week and i might have to be in a bathing suit, so i figured I could go without it… even if i felt like a traitor.

Now slice it down the middle and serve immediately!

In conclusion, this is definitely a method that should be used only in desperate situations. To be honest, I’ll probably never do the toaster technique again, but at least we all know that it can be done without the tricks of cable television! I mean, it’s not that bad, just a little dry and anxiety provoking (totally didn’t even think about cleaning out the crumbs before I did a test run which was a bad idea).

And of course, I’ll be back next week with a new and exciting grilled cheese cooking method, so stay tuned!