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The Modern Mayflower – Muenster, Mashed Potatoes and Cranberry Stuffing Grilled Cheese

Man oh man. Thanksgiving is here again and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m slightly good at this. It’s been about 3 years since I started having my own personal lil Brooklyn food fest sans mi familia, and there’s def been some gross ass turkeys hurdles along the way but I’m actually getting the hang of it. I mean, now that I know that you have to defrost a turkey fifty days in advance and that it’s absolutely necessary to have a meat thermometer if you want edible turkey, then what could go wrong?

A lot.

So based on my personal experiences, if you want to have the best stress-free thanksgiving ever, then take the following advice:
1. I think it’s important that one understands that it’s absolutely vital to have at least one bottle of champagne per person the morning-of.
2. If you’re inviting friends over, give them the hard recipes or the ones you’re not familiar with – stick to your favorites because it makes you look like a pro. Genius advice right there.
 3. Remember, be a good host and keep everyone’s glasses full and bowl’s packed. Not only will the meal be absolutely delicious when it’s fiiiiiiiiiiiinally ready, but by getting your guests wa-wa-wasted a lil tipsy, then you can all take a big group nap in the living room with all the pillows and blankets you can find! How fun does that sound?! Oh, and of course if your meal sucks then they’ll prob just forget anyways which is good, too.

So if you keep all of these practical tips in mind, then you should be good to go. But actually who cares about the day of Thanksgiving?  Everyone knows that the leftovers are the best part anyways. And that leads us to this very special sandwich. So go ahead, put on your jeggings, pour yourself a stiff drink, and get ready for some deliciousness because shit just got real.

You know all that soggy leftover stuffing? Yeah? Well, put that slop into a waffle press and get ready to make the best thing that’s ever been created… besides —. Then add some muenster cheese, a little bit of crappy cranberry jelly, and a big ole heaping pile of mashed potatoes and grill it. As Adina, my boss and #1 homey from S.W. Basics would say, “if you make this sandwich, you make turkey the side”. And I say TRUE DAT, Adina. True dat. Let’s get started.

– 2 stuffing waffles (directions below)
– 2 giant spoonfuls of mashed potatoes
– 1 tbsp of crappy cranberry jelly
– a few slices of Wisconsin muenster

Let’s begin by talking about the greatest thing that I’ve ever done in my life. It’s not some amazing volunteer gig or that time when I rescued a baby sea otter from the middle of the street (that didn’t happen, it would be cute though!), nah, it’s when I discovered that you could put stuffing mix into a waffle iron.

STUFFING WAFFLES. That’s it. Just two simple words that have changed my life.  They’re so easy to make and they’re insanely addicting. Just image this – It’s like all the delicious crispy stuffing parts are perfectly in proportion to the moist parts. And that just happens to be the greatest thing ever.

So let me tell you how to make these. Basically you can just put your wet stuffing mixture into a waffle press, let it cook for a few cycles – they need more time than regular ole waffles. After they start to get crispy and golden, let them sit some more so they can firm up then they’re ready to be used!

Next, add some of your knock-off Aunt Lorraine’s famous mashed potatoes, be sure to really mash the taters into the nooks and crannies of the waffle. It’s like perfectly made little pockets so why not fill they with mashed potatoes? WHY NOT?!

On the other side, repeat the same process but instead use some cranberry jelly. I’ll go ahead and put this out there, I am a fan of the crappy stuff. I don’t want any chunks, or berries as some would say, in my cranberry jelly. No. I want that ultra-smooth, deliciously-weird, and consistently-gelatinous goodness that I remember from my childhood. And I want a lot… but you could add however much you like.

That reminds me, you could also add turkey at this point. But if you’re too poor busy like me and don’t have money time to make a turkey twice, or if you ran out of turkey and had no leftovers, then you can be on my team. Otherwise, eff off! Jk. Jk. I love you forever.

Now add a few slices of muenster. I added three for good measure because I want excess of pretty much everything in my life. And who wouldn’t want want extra muenster. Dumdums, that’s who.

And did you know that muenster has a super high percentage of butterfat so it’s basically the butter of meltable cheeses. Amazeballs.

Gah, brb, gotta go gobble down a slice…

Almost done, almost done! Now just put the two halves together and clap your hands. You can also call all of your friends into the room to let them admire what you
‘ve done. I’m giving you a internet-pat-on-the-back as we speak!

Because the stuffing was already so buttery, I didn’t think it was necessary to add any more sandwich lube. Strange, I know, especially when you consider what I just said in the last step, but you get it. If I would have added more butter, it probably would have burned too quickly and would have gotten a lil soggy and I might have cried.

So anyways, just cook the sandwich for a few minutes on each side at a low heat – remember the stuffing waffle is already cooked so you just want to get it hot enough to where the cheese melts. And like I said before – muenster melts magically!

Once it looks all deliciously crispy and you can’t wait any longer, take it out of your pan and let it chill for a sec. During this time, you can run down to the liquor store or coffee shop and re-up on mimosas or whatever else you drink the day after Thanksgiving. Then indulge and enjoy the leftovers!

So hopefully this post will help you use up your leftovers in a fun, new, and creative way. If you’ve gotta a better weirder idea on how to use up the leftover food, then please share! Until next time homies…



The A-Team – Cheddar, Bacon, Tomato Jam, Pickled Jalapenos and BBQ Potato Chips Grilled Cheese

ALL OF MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING MARRIED. It’s happening. I’ve finally reached that fearful fantastic age where I’ll probably be attending a wedding every 6 months for the next 10 years. Strangely enough, this also means that I’ve reached the age when my parents are starting to get concerned about my personal love life. I can picture them now – up all night, crying into their poor hands, worrying that their first born daughter will grow up to be a lonely craft-making, kitty collecting spinster that still cruises the OK Cupid circuit.

After 27 years of not giving a damn, my dad is all of a sudden curious as to who I’m dating. And it’s not like it’s just every once in a while that he asks – it’s like every single time we get on the phone. And my mom? Well that’s another story which constantly revolves around past flames. The conversations sort of go like this: “No mom, I haven’t talked to him since he threw that piece of broccoli at me in the grocery store” “No Dad, I haven’t met a nice young man with a successful career and a low deductable insurance plan. “NO FAMILY, I DON’T HAVE A ROMANTIC DATE FOR ADINA AND  ADAM’S WEDDING WITH A PRINCE WHO HAS A BMW AND A 401K AND A FULL HEAD OF THICK, SHINY, BEAUTIFUL HAIR, AND THE TALL GENES”. But ya know what? It’s ok that they’re concerned. They’re my parents after all and if I don’t give my mom grandbabies then that’s how I’ll know I have failed at life.
But now that the idea of an actual relationship is something that I should probably start thinking about – I couldn’t have met Adina and Adam, the most perfect couple of all time, at a better time. Do you know any lovers that completely vibe off of each other all the damn time? No? Me niether. Well, until I started working for these two awesome people like 6 months ago at S.W. Basics of Brooklyn. They’re like the Beyonce and Jay-Z of organic skincare, the Judd Apatow and Elizabeth Banks of hilariousness, the Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger of pure genius. He’s the eggs to her bacon, and she’s the sugar to his tea. I’m totally obsessed with them, but not in the stalker weird-o kind of way, and I can only hope I find the buttered bread to my cheese.
All this optimism and excitement around their wedding only leads me to share some more exciting news with you all! The 2nd recipe for my month and a half long Wisconsin Cheese feature is super good and spotlights Hook’s 2 year cheddar, Nueske’s thick cut BACON, tomato jam, BBQ potato chips from ROUTE 11, and pickled jalapenos. It sounds crazy, but it works! Just like a certain couple I know! 🙂




– a bunch of Hook’s 2 yr cheddar
– a handful of Route 11 BBQ chips
– 3 slices of crispy Nueske’s bacon
– 1.5 tbs of tomato jam
– 1 tbs of pickled jalapenos
– 2 slices of sourdough bread
– 2 pats of salted butter

To begin, smear on some tomato jam. As you’re doing this, think of some new love options. Get goin’ your ovaries aren’t going to last forever.
Tomato jam is quite lovely itself too, it’s sweet but has this earthiness that’s present in a real tomato – it tastes like spreadable summer lovin!
Now it’s time for the best cheddar EVER from Hook’s! It’s made by this super dreamy couple, Tony and Julie, in Mineral Point, WI. It’s sweet, rich, a little nutty, and perfectly sharp. It compliments this sandwich like non other – except Adina and Adam… DUH!
Now it’s BACON TIME – the best time! Take a nibble and lay it on. Rub it on your skin if you want to attract the perfect mate.
Now heat things up with some pickled jalapenos. No one wants to be boring.
Change up the texture with some crispy Route 11 BBQ chips and allow their crunchiness to add another layer of depth to this sandwich.
Add the remaining cheese and the top piece of bread and give it a little kiss. It’s ok, no one will tell.
Butter the sandwich and place it in a pan. Turn the heat to medium and allow that sandwich to get cookin’.
When it gets all perfect and golden brown on each side, and the cheese begins to ooze out – you know it’s time to make the move. The next move that is.
Take it out of the pan and let it sit for a second before slicing into it and exploring it’s deeper side. What am I talking about? I don’t even know at this point.
So as a premarital gift, Route 11 and I would like one of you dear readers to win a box full of of super awesome potato chips! All you have to do is enter [here] on Facebook and do all the things! And to those who are already wified up – Nice work! Make this sandwich for your lover for an extra weird special night of joy, love, and unity.

Moons Over Morocco – Smoked Swiss, Cranberry Jelly, and Honey Ham Hawaiian Grilled Cheese

As I’m writing this in seat 11H of flight 201 to Casablanca, I’ve compacted my arms as tightly as they can be to my body so much so that I’m typing like I’m a Velociraptor or something. I have absolutely no space to spread my wings and there’s a flight attendent that keeps wheeling by me with a ciggarette cart (why are they selling cigs on this flight??) and she keeps sneaking up on me and hitting my funny bone – just like that scene from The Wedding Singer. The turbulance has been pretty gnarly for the last 30 minutes, and the bumpiness has me seeing double. The balding man in front of me keeps slamming his seat back so hard that the bottom of my keyboard keeps jabbing me in my stomach, which is way too uncomfortably full from pizza flavored Combos, peanut butter m&ms, and warm Coca Cola.

Yeah, I know, I’m sorry that I’m whining about how unpleasant my current situation is, but there are some fun things going on too. I’m really excited about this strange wall-mounted crib that’s holding a cute little chubby baby next to me. It makes me wish they made one for people my size. I’d totally pay extra for that. The airline is also playing episodes of Friends which was really relatively cool until I plugged in my headphones and realized it was dubbed over in Arabic. I’ve also got a shit ton of new music on my iphone that’s almost dead and I’m jamming out to some bassed out electronic music that makes me feel like I should be rolling in da club or something. I’m trying not to dance but I just can’t help it, maybe that means it’s time to switch over to something more chill, like that new Unknown Mortal Orchestra album or something.

In reality though, I think I might be going crazy. Why am I so antsy? Why am I so insanely itchy? Gah, it’s so hot and I have a headache from squinting because I decided to buy the version of “Consider the Lobster” that has the smallest font visible to the human eye. I’ve got 4 more hours before we land and I am ready to get the F off of this plane. It’s hot as hell up in here and everyone has warmed me not to show my shoulders and what did I wear on the plane? A stupid sleeveless shirt. I know, i know,  it’s a noobie mistake but I’ve never been this uncomfortably hot on a plane before. I’m always freezing cold and the sleeveless shirt was meant to hide under my over-sized cardigan that I never thought I’d have to take off. I am anxious in ALL THE WAYS. Especially about traveling to Morocco….alone.

But enough griping, I’m truly so excited about this trip and if you want to follow me and see my adventures you can find me on Instagram @grilledcheesesocial. I’m also excited to share this recipe with you – that is not exotic in any way, shape, or form but it is super good and a solid sandwich.  Smoked Wisconsin Swiss cheese, honey baked ham, cranberry jam, and a sweet and buttery Hawaiian roll make up this delightful GC.

 Get yo’self some of dis stuff


-1 Hawaiian Roll
-3-4 slices of Wisconsin smoked swiss cheese
-1 tbsp of cranberry jelly with real cranberries
-1/4 pound of thinly sliced honey baked ham
-2 pats of butter which are not pictured

(Don’t ask me why it’s neon in this picture)

When you make a GC with any type of roll, the trick is to turn it inside out so that you’re grilling the doughy center. Once you’ve cut the roll in half and flipped it, smear on that cranberry jam. I have something to admit, I am a HUGE fan of the canned fake cranberry jelly. Like, it’s my favorite thing on a Thanksgiving table and I get really bummed out when someone makes their own version from scratch. In this sandwich however, you need the kind with the real berries because it just makes it so much more texturally appealing.

Then add some of that smoked swiss. I chose to use cheese from Wisconsin because it is my favorite and I think the Wisconsin Milk Society is an awesome group of people who know how to keep it real. The farmers and makers both care about food, and that’s what matters to me… and i love them. 

Next! Add some of that ham and layer it on pretty, just like they do in a Subway commercial.

Almost done! Finish with the other slices of cheese and the remaining half of the roll and smear some butter all over that baby.

Let that butter work its magic…

Turn your grill pan to medium and let that sandwich grill, butter side down of course. When it’s all crisped up on one side and the cheese is melting over the corners, butter the otherside and flip it. Let it cook for a few more minutes until it’s all perfect and melty and then remove it from the heat and let it sit for a few minutes to tighten up.

And if I ever make it off this plane and can actually post this recipe, then cheers to everyone. I didn’t think I was gonna make it. I’m gonna go take a stroll around the plane now, because my left butt cheek is asleep.

UPDATE! I made it and am sitting in my hotel room in Morocco, stealing internet from the restaurant next door. I’ve spent two days wandering ALONE, getting lost, and being hissed at. Today, my group has finally made it and they seem like a pretty chill bunch. Even though it’s been kind of scary, it’s also been absolutely awesome and I’m leaving for Essaouira tomorrow! Follow me on the internetz and I’ll talk to you all soon!