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How to Tailgate the GCS Way: Presented by Cobblestone Bread Co

tailgate food

OMG IT’S TAILGATING SEASON! And like time and time again, the only part about it that I actually care about revolves around eating, drinking, and… umm more eating! This year I teamed up with bread superstars Cobblestone Baking Co. to bring you thee ultimate guide to make your tailgate parties awesome – Helping you create fancy restaurant quality sandwiches right in your own kitchen or tailgate! Continue reading

The Hamburger Smash – Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar, Pickled Shishitos, fried shallots, ketchup + Medium Rare Burger grilled cheese

burger grilled cheese

Ah man. So I just spent the last month outside of the US and let me tell you something – Damn, does Europe got it going on! I started my travels in Hamburg, Germany, where I ate all the food that could possibly fit in my body… and then some. And after eating to the point where all I could wear were my leggings, I decided to give back and do a pop-up at my friends super swank sandwich shop, Luncheonette, which as you can imagine, was super fucking fun. Continue reading