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Cinco De Mayo Sandwiches Recipes

Let’s be honest with each other. Pairing one too many margaritas with a couple thousand baskets of chips and salsa may sound like a good idea tonight, but nope, not at ALL, it’s a straight up bad idea. If you don’t want your hangover to whoop your ass, I recommend trying one of these awesome Mexican sandwiches for Cinco De Mayo!

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cemita sandwich recipe

Oh, la, la right? Yuh. Big time. This Pueblan style cemita sandwich is stuffed with tender yet crispy chunks of pulled pork, avocado, tomato, Wisconsin queso fresco, cilantro (although typically made with papalo – an herb that was impossible to find where I live) and spicy chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. Want more? Click [HERE] to get the recipe from my Sandwich Expert pageContinue reading

Healthy Chicken Sandwich Recipes

chicken torta grilled cheese social

Roasted Chicken Torta with Avocado + Queso Fresco

This spicy Thai chicken salad is a great alternative to the typical mayo-based chicken salad recipes. Packed with protein and spice, the sesame peanut dressing is loaded with flavor and makes an amazing guilt-free chicken wrap.

thai peanut chicken wrap

Spicy Thai Chicken Salad Wrap with Sesame Peanut Dressing


This spicy Thai chicken salad is a great alternative to the typical mayo-based chicken salad recipes. Packed with protein and spice, the sesame peanut dressing is loaded with flavor and makes an amazing guilt-free chicken wrap.

chicken caprese sandwich

Roasted Chicken Caprese Sandwich with Truffle Mustard


Fresh mini mozzarella pearls, chopped heirloom cherry tomatoes, basil, arugula and truffle mustard make this version of the caprese the bomb.
curried chicken salad sandwich

Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

This robust and flavorful curry chicken salad sandwich is made with a mixture of greek yogurt and mayonnaise so it has a much lighter taste with more health benefits than your typical calorie packed chicken salad. Greek yogurt not only provides a nice tangy bite, but it’s also full of probiotics and live cultures that help aid digestion and speed up metabolism.

chicken provencal wrap

Chicken Provencal Wrap with Spinach, Goat Cheese + Peppadews


I was recently gifted provencal mustard over Christmas and I was amazed at how flavorful it was. Made with a base of dijon and blended with roasted red peppers, garlic, and herbs, this mustard packs a ton of flavor with little to no calories. Smear some of this flavorful spread on a warm whole wheat wrap and top with fresh nutrient packed spinach, bright and lively pesto, rich and tangy crumbled goat cheese, sweet and spicy peppadews and protein packed rotisserie chicken.


Pork Sandwiches

Here is a collection of my pork sandwich recipes from my Sandwich Expert page on Want more? See them all [HERE].

apple pie cheddar pork chop sandwich

Southern Fried Pork Chop Biscuit Sandwich with Cheddar + Spiced Apples


Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this delicious biscuit sandwich recipe is stacked high with a crispy boneless Southern fried pork chop, sharp cheddar cheese and sweet spiced apples.

italian ciabatta

Italian Ciabatta Sandwich Recipe


 Everyone loves an Italian sub, but they’re always so monstrous and sometimes intimidating when you just want something not so gigantic. This version calls for a ciabatta roll, which is much smaller than a hoagie, but can still hold up to this ingredient-packed sandwich. Layers of roasted rosemary ham and salami are piled high with roasted red peppers, roasted yellow peppers, basil, arugula, olive oil, and white balsamic glaze.

muffuletta sandwich grilled cheese social

Muffuletta Sandwich Recipe


 If you’ve ever visited New Orleans, you’re sure to have tried an authentic muffuletta. And if you haven’t been in NOLA, that doesn’t have to stop you from having one of the best sandwiches in the country. Stacked high and pressed flat, this sesame seed bun sandwich features layers upon layers of beautiful mortadella, ham, salami, provolone and fresh mozzarella. The famous olive spread is full of briny goodness and makes this sandwich even more flavorful.

porchetta sandwich grilled cheese social

Porchetta Sandwich with Salsa Verde


Aromatic shaved porchetta, tart salsa verde, sweet cherry tomatoes and crunchy airy bread make this popular sandwich super flavorful and delicious.

roasted pork broccoli rabe grilled cheese social

Roasted Pork, Broccoli Rabe + Provolone Hoagie

This tasty roasted pork, broccoli rabe and provolone sandwich is Inspired by the infamous hoagie from DiNic’s sandwich shop in the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, PA.