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The Southern Belle – Ham + Cheese Cornbread Sandwich with Pickled Jalapenos and Chow Chow Mayo

Ham, Cheese, and Pickled Jalapeno Cornbread Sandwich with Chow Chow Mayo

This week, my whole world got about 300% better when I got a new little puppy! He’s about the size of a corn cob and is sweet as can be so we decided to name him Elote, which is spanish for corn! And since he’s a little dachshund, it’s even more fitting because of his cutie pie corn pup-ness and buttery little body. I’m so obsessed with this little guy. Jerm and I even started an instagram for him because we are those kind of freak puppy parents.

If you’ve ever had a dachshund before, you probably get why all of us dachshund people are so obsessed. Their little sausage bodies, along with their spunky attitude, and their undying need to be constantly snuggled basically makes them the most perfect dog in all the land. Sure, they’re stubborn AF and hard as hell to potty train but man, they’re so flippin’ cute! Especially when they’re little roly poly baby dachshunds and have way, way, wayyyyyy too much skin. They also do this funny thing where they play super hard for like 10 minutes and then sleep for four. They’re basically the perfect animal and I wish I had 50 of them. Continue reading

Honey Tequila Mexican Street Corn with Queso Fresco

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Altos Tequila for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

If I could eat at street food every meal for the rest of my life, I totally would. There’s just something so fun about walking around, going from booth to booth, seeing and smelling each vendor’s creation and then thoughtfully picking which bites I want most. One of my favorite vendors is consistently the roasted corn peddler. I love how they cook the corn over an open flame, charring the little kernels into deliciously sweet roasted corn goodness.

I also love the whole pick-your-own-adventure that comes with the roasted corn, too. When they hand you the roasted cob, there’s usually a table full of condiments to spice it up. Of course, there’s always the traditional American options, like butter, honey, salt and pepper, but sometimes the vendors step up their game and put out parmesan, fresh herbs, hot sauce and the like. Continue reading

Food Network Facebook Live episode 10: Animal Style Cheeseburger Pizza

Animal Style Cheese Burger Pizza - just like In n Out but on a pizza!

Before I moved back home to Florida, I was dead-set on heading west to California. I had been totes over New York for quite a while but was afraid to move because I thought everywhere else would be boring. As for California, well, it just seemed ideal. The people were like-minded, super eco-conscious and progressive, one of my favorite ways to chill was actually recreationally legal, New York winters didn’t exist there, and most importantly — there were In-n-Out Burgers.

As an East Coast gal, In-n-Out was one of those things that I yearned for. Not being able to get it on the reg only made me want it more. I dreamt about their burgers dripping with animal sauce goodness, crispy fresh-cut fries smothered in cheese sauce and topped hot peppers, and a perfectly spun milkshake in my hand. But nah, for some reason, somebody decided to keep it a West Coast thing. And I will never forgive them for that. **insert devil eyes** Continue reading