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Truffled Squash Blossom Grilled Cheese – The Betty White

squash blossom grilled cheese social

It felt really good to write about my uncle last week. And although it was very sad and I was fighting back tears most of the time, I felt like it definitely provided some sort of closure for me so thank you for reading and helping me cope! You guys are seriously my favorite. Now I want to brighten things up a bit and treat you to a sweet lil truffled squash blossom grilled cheese to turn the mood around. And what better fun topic to focus on other than partying? NONE! Well, actually, timeout – Let me rephrase – I should say the after effects of partying. It’s so bad it’s comical. Continue reading

How to Tailgate the GCS Way: Presented by Cobblestone Bread Co

tailgate food

OMG IT’S TAILGATING SEASON! And like time and time again, the only part about it that I actually care about revolves around eating, drinking, and… umm more eating! This year I teamed up with bread superstars Cobblestone Baking Co. to bring you thee ultimate guide for tailgating – Helping you create fancy restaurant quality sandwiches right in your own kitchen or tailgate! Continue reading

10 Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipes 4 Fried Chicken Fryday

Last month I created a fried chicken project with my homies at for my Sandwich Expert Page. And because it’s finally all up and shizz, I figured I’d share this collection of 10 tasty fried chicken sandwich recipes on my blog! Happy Fried Chicken Fryday err’body!
fried chicken sandwich recipes - chicken po'boy grilled cheese social

Click [HERE] to get my New Orlean’s Style Fried Chicken Po’Boy

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